2021-11-12 Game Tracker - Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Toronto Argonauts (6189)

I just comb my ear hairs over the bald spots. :smiley:

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Why is Hamilton starting Jerimiah Masoli? Dane Evans is a much better QB

Well , G&W your guess is as good as mine .

Not knowing which one's 'the one' at this late stage in the season... YIKES.

Does Hamilton ever SUCK ????
Especially man-bun Masoli.
Yikkes !! I think Montreal will overtake them.
OMG - BRUTAL showing for such an important game.


I’ll say.

You must be surprised your Argos handled them so easily. You weren’t optimistic.

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It's a TOTAL shock. MacBeth did throw 2 interceptions - as expected (one called back - but it was an INT).
Hamilton just plain SUCKED - especially their defence. (hello S Lawrence)
I have no high expectations from Masoli.
But still a HUGE SHOCK.

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Well I will say I called a Toronto 1st place finish at the start of the year..

My preseason predictions are almost right on. Just need BC to finish 3rd in the west

Well BC 3rd sure ain't gonna happen.

Who did you predict as first and second in the West?

  1. Winnipeg
  2. Sask
  3. BC
  4. Calgary
  5. Edmonton

Pretty good but I’m surprised you picked the Bombers ahead of the Riders.

Yup . Every rotten thing I said about Toronto lately , I humbly take it back . It should be a great Eastern Final this year between Montreal and Toronto.

I wasn't sold on sask coming in. Too many questions on defense. They answered. Didn't see Winnipeg only losing one all season tho

I still think Hamilton will eventually win the East - but they need to ditch Masoli and go with Evans.

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The problem is , is that we won't Effing do it .

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Until tonight I thought they would as well. Not any more. Even though TO did better tonight than I thought they would, I’m switching to my #2 for the East, the Als.

Montreal isn't going anywhere.

except to the Eastern Final...at the very least

Agreed. Best quarterbacking in the East counts for a lot. MBT and his 2 interceptions tonite doesn’t strike fear into anyone. Also best pass rush.

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