2021-11-12 Game Tracker - Calgary Stampeders vs. BC Lions (6190)

Cadillac cts

Eat your pizza while it’s hot and I promise you no heart burn.


I think that is the car that blows up when it gets rear ended?

The question for Calgary is will that time zone change make a difference? It may be near 1am body clock time by the time this one finishes

what are you drinking to night

Cherry Pepsi you

That is pretty silly

You think blow Levi will toss another 4 ints tonight?

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just the regular pepsi for me.

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Or is that the car that comes with a blow up you can rear end?

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I’ll take it either way.

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Love the expert commentary after the third and one the Lions just tried:

It’s all about the spot

And I was sure it was Reilly’s horoscope that determined the first down. You learn something new every day!

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Not looking good for blow levi

Do you think Fajardo will hit the goal post again tomorrow night?

But what if the blow up doll is a Stampeder fan?

What a garbage over turn by command center

One man's garbage is another man's touchdown. :smiley: :+1:


Can’t do it then. I’m heterosexual.

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Okay... how 'bout this; the blow up doll is a Stampeder fan who comes with an endless supply of beer and hates Bo Levi Mitchell.

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