2021-11-12 Game Tracker - Calgary Stampeders vs. BC Lions (6190)

Calgary Stampeders

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One can always hope for a Lions upset, but if I was a betting man (I'm not) my money would be on Calgary. Even if the Lions win their play-off chances are too slim to get excited about.

But if the Lions do manage to win, they get Edmonton next week and Calgary gets Winnipeg. The tables would certainly turn.

I agree. If the Lions win, and that is far from guaranteed, I don’t like Calgary’s chances of making the playoffs. I’m not sure people realize how important it is for Calgary to win this game.

Too many 'if's' for my liking but I would love to have my pessimism proved wrong. In any case, plan B, Go Riders!

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Go Stamps.
I'm very confident.

lol the rider fan and bomber fan seem to know the Stamps playoff scenario very well.... could it be both want to see Stamps miss the playoffs??

It wouldn’t sadden me but from a Bomber team point of view, it’s kind of irrelevant. I don’t expect either the Stamps or BC to win the WSF inRegina.

The B.C. Lions are hosting the Calgary Stampeders in Week 15. Football is not like a "Light Switch" you can not just turn it on or off. :exclamation: There season ended in Week 12 after a 45-0 pounding by the Bombers. :bangbang:

P.S. Mike Reilly should really consider hanging up his football cleats. The Stamps Defense will take full advantage of Mike "standing in the pocket"

Except Winnipeg will be resting some of their starters I’m sure.

Not so much is the word from the Bomber camp. Zach will play against Calgary. Barring injury he won’t play tomorrow and there is no way they’ll sit him for a month. That is how they are treating their starters. They will play a real “practice game” against the Stamps and then take two weeks off. Those who don’t play will be nursing injuries that they might be able to play with in a playoff game but won’t be risked in a meaningless game. That should be plenty to beat the Stamps.


I'm sure if BC happens to win this game the Bombers will take great pride in eliminating Calgary next week.

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That's what I thought that they would do, but since they are starting to rest guys this week already, that means that if they rest again next week and the first round bye equals THREE weeks off before the final. I doubt that O'Shea will let that happen. Perhaps some of his starters will rest this week and some next week, but Collaros would probably at least start in Calgary and that's not good news for the Stamps.

If they win tomorrow (and they are rightly favored) then none of it matters, but if they don't it sets up one hell of a week 16. :+1:

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If the Argos can hold on in the fourth and beat the Cats… just maybe there is hope for the Lions tonight.

I would rather the Lions beat the Stamps and loose to the Elks than the other way around… Who’s With Me

I will sign over my car and home to the first responder to this text if the stamps lose tonight. Thats how confident I am

I’m in!

What kind of car?

Probably a Pinto

Lions have very little chance of winning, but if they do, I will eat my pizza