2021-11-06 Game Tracker - Toronto Argonauts vs. Ottawa Redblacks (6187)

Toronto Argonauts

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Well Duck gets the start - - - let's see if he is more comfortable this week and shows any promise. It will be good to see him get a couple of starts in before the season.

Yes, it will be interesting to see how Hodges does.

Even the great Flutie had to be a backup for 2 seasons until he finally became the starter.

Good to see that Frank Zicarelli is writing articles about the Argos and CFL in the Sun and Post.

The even better news for RedBlacks will be to see Dedmon back. He is one of the most exciting players in the league. Never no when he is going to strike. I hope lightening stays in bottle today and he does not beat us in an important game for our momentum.

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The main reason I buy the Sun almost every day, is to read Frank's updates on the Argos. Nobody else doesn't seem to want to do a piece on the Argos. The Argos have a much larger following (TV numbers) than the Raptors, but one would never know it by the Toronto media. Frank did mess up the other day stating Ryan Dinwiddie was in the picture by his column. It was actually Kevin Eiben. I wonder if Ryan pointed that out to Frank. Lol

Missed opportunity there after the fumble . C'mon Duck .

Ward 1 for 2 making it 3-3.

The offense for the RedBlacks just an ineffective doesn't matter the starter. They get gifted possession inside the 10 via a fumble on the return and they still settle for 3

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A fluky int gives the RedBlacks the ball in Argos territory again. Not as deep this time

They needed more than FG's .

No penalty there stop ruining the game .

Nice deep ball to Anderson taking them out of a 2nd and 22.

Not much further...42 yard FG from Bede....6-6

Great punt .

Got to say it but Ottawa looks pretty good with Duck

This would be an amusing upset.

I just saw the score but not watching them game. WOW big upset happening

Ward is having a really off game .

Not in the CFL

In the CFL he started instantly 1990 with BC Lions, but he never should have been a Lion, he should have been a Stampeder from the start