2021-11-06 Game Tracker - Montreal Alouettes vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (6188)

No question in my mind Stanback ravages the bombers for 80-125 yd rushing, maybe more. Bomber d-line tendency is to rush QBs w/ big passing arms (ie. Harris) and try to disrupt their timing - and that obviously opens up things for runs, traps & delays. O'Shea/Hall won't change from what works - even if Stanback runs them up hard. The key point is limiting Montreal's point total - same thing bombers have been doing to all comers this season.
I'm sure Khari/Harris would rather have Stanback run up 30 yds total but ring up 30 pts on the Bombers and take the duke!
Als need the duke in an attempt to finish 2nd in East and host the ESF. Bombers need to keep fine-tuning, get Winston Rose to shed expected rust going into playoffs.

If Stanback puts up 100+ today, I'd call that a fail win or lose. We need to make sure we can shut down a ground game around this time of year as more teams shift that way. I'd even put his over under at 80 today.

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I am hoping for a “fail” :wink:

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If Stanback puts up 80-120 the Als have a good chance of winning, except under a scenario such as where he has one run of 75 yards for the Als only points and 50 yards or less on all of his other runs. If the Bombers get up early, which is certainly possible, Stanback will not be much of a factor.

It appears pretty clear that O’Shea and the Bombers have no intention of taking their foot off the gas in front of their home crowd. I don’t like the Al’s chances. Next week in MTL might be different. The Bombers crushed Harris the last time he started against them for Edm. He is not the type of mobile QB that would potentially give the Bombers trouble. I like the Als and think they have a legitimate chance to win the East, but not tonite.

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Ya, I'm pretty confident they can hold Stanback tonight to under 100, its more the deep pass I'm worried about. Als do have some deep threats that maybe haven't been used too much, and if they are able to hit some of those we could be in trouble. Harris coming in could change that.
I'd even put that as more of a concern than the run threat as both Sask & CGY have stocked up at WR lately.

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I’m not worried and expect more of the same. Any game this year, especially after the first 3 or 4, where questions were raised by other fans or the press as to the Bombers chances prior to the game, was met with a thorough and total thrashing of the opposition by the Bombers. Right now they are far and away better than their opposition than any other team in any other sports league in North America. And before I get trashed by non Bomber fans, I have always recognized that any team can lose any game. I have just seen no evidence that this is likely to happen. Probably the only area of the game they are not at or near the top of is placekicking. And Castillo starts tonite so I expect that will be remedied before the playoffs.

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The only way Bombers loose any game is if Willie J is missing. Collaros is not any where near THE MAN in Winnipeg. It is Willie J. Teams plan around Willie J, not Collaros. As long as Collaros does not screw up, Bombers are fine. Its like play with 2 more people on your defence when he is playing. It's not fair. Like having Connor Mcdavid on your team these days..it's like that! WJ has kind of left the Radar lately...why? Teams are learning to stay away from his side. Result= Offences have 33% less of the field to work with, so they loose!

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I'm not worried either. Montreal's offense will only go as far as Harris can take them. I'd like to see him finish the game but I don't think he can survive for long behind that awful offensive line. Once Shea Patterson trots into the huddle the game will become so lopsided that TSN will have to show a rerun of 'Sewing with Nancy' to keep viewers interested. :roll_eyes:

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Geez. . .

It's "LOSE", not 'loose'.

Its a football forum, not an LA class.

Just noticed that this game tracker thread has outposted the Ottawa/Toronto game tracker thread by 10, 29-19. The latter game is tied with 5:25 left in the 4th quarter, while Bombers/Als hasn’t started yet. What does that tell you about fan suppirt?

Ott/Tor? Come on.

Anyways, can't wait for another Bomber game!

Als by four.


Als moving the ball.....and Wille shuts it down

And there we go! Well that was too easy.

Thats what I get for taking a leak....Mont fumble scoop for TD...

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Keep talking :wink:

Harris taking some licks already.

Zac not looking great after that hit....

Yeah lucky it was second down though going on third. If he had to stay in another play who knows what would have happened

Oh Winnipeg...... I think you have a problem...... looks like Collaros injury issues may have catch up to him this late season. Whats your solution?