2021-11-06 Game Tracker - Montreal Alouettes vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (6188)

Montreal Alouettes

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Thought the Bombers would start MacGuire, give Collaros a break.

Bombers will not start anyone other than Zach this year, unless of course if he's injured.

Macguire at best will slid in as QB with less than 2 minutes to go.

Last game perhaps with under 4 minutes depending on the score, I suspect Calgary will need/want it more for positioning, and will have to earn it, no team is going to play light football, but both teams may play some seconds, especially if Calgary is lock in their position

I think Mr. O'Shea speaks to Mr. Khari. Tells him Bombers prepared to pull Collaros from their Saturday evening tilt when the Als pull Trev Harris.
Not a particularly great bargain; cuz Als have a somewhat experienced backup in Schiltz and the Bombers have the green-as-grass Mr. McGuire.

That said, I'd try to get McGuire about a 1/2 of football against a Top 4/5 CFL defense.

Disagree, the Bombers know what MacGuire can or cannot do, he certainly knows the play book, players, schemes and the coaches know him his ability and difficulties.
Other teams know very little about MacGuire and very little film on him.
So the question is, why give other teams the opportunity to study him.
If it were me, in a game, I would limit his play time and his plays.

Have the Bombers and Alouettes ever played each other in the Grey Cup?

I thought I read somewhere that Schlitz was hurt. Are you aware if he is dressing as the backup?

Schiltz is out

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Apparently not. Link below.

thanks for that Jon....... yeah I looked too, doesn't appear so

I expect this game to be an ugly loss for the Alouettes.

Looks up at sky

You hear that, football gods? Please prove me wrong! Make me eat my words.

No problem. From the list it appears that the Bombers are not animal lovers, having frequently kicked kitty kats around on grey Cup day.

It's... Shea Patterson (you'll see him in the second half).

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Thanks for that. Not much of a pro resume. O fer everything. The Als better hope Harris stays upright.

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Indeed! They seem to have played in many, Maybe more than any other

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Us limiting Collaros time will have nothing to do with whoever is behind center for the Als.

Would explain why TiCat fans seem to have alot of anger towards WPG.

I'm not taking the Als lightly, most fans aren't, and I'd hope the club doesn't either. Most are looking forward to going up against your run game.
I think Collaros plays most of this one, but you could see McGuire get alot more time in Montreal.
Finish 7-0 at home for the fans :muscle: