2021-11-05 Game Tracker - Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Edmonton Elks (6186)

Saskatchewan Roughriders

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Both teams are really banged up with a lot of starters being ruled out. I can't believe the Elks have not won a home game yet! Could be an upset here...but I will not put any money on it. Not betting on the Elks this year, 2 wins..wow!!

Curse of the name change!
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Elks would have to win out for any hope of a playoff. That and Calgary, Hamilton, BC, AND Montreal would all need to loose out from here. Since BC and Hamilton are playing tomorrow night that isn't likely.

The only team that may do that is Montreal. But that depends on whether Winnipeg plays their starters or not the next few games. Having seen OShea's coaching style it's not likely but he has never been in this position of having wrapped up a playoff spot this early either.

On the plus side beer is $5.50 and food prices are reduced and 50/50 is a carry over tomorrow night. The stink of desperation is free....

If the riders are even the slightest bit worried about this game then they have even bigger concerns than their red opponent waiting for them on the 28th

I expect it will be a really good game.

Whats confused me the last bit is all the Riders talk about pushing the ball deep when Fajardo doesn't seem to be able to throw the deep ball well. Last week it looked like the backs had to stop and wait for the ball to get there when he pushed deep.

BC plays Hamilton this week.

Its easy for Maas to be a good OC when he has QBs named Burris and Reilly

Thanks for pointing that out Crash. If I have any other slips in cognition or executive dysfunction problems because of my mental illness please feel free to point them out and correct them, although i suspect pointing and laughing at people with disabilities is more in your wheelhouse.

Nope wasn't doing that at all and sorry that it may have come across that way.
I believe Edmonton is already eliminated and based on your scenarios I wasn't sure of they actually were.

Fajardo's problem is not Mass. It's the O line. Worst O line in the west division. Winnipeg, Calgary and Montreal sacked him constantly. The only reason it was not more often is because Fajardo can run...for his life!

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So the Elks sign Arbuckle into 2022 but are not using him this week to see if they actually got a decent QB? It's not like the Elks really have a chance of getting into the playoffs so give the next year's prospects a chance to strut their stuff. Or are they just using Arbuckle as a pawn for an upcomming trade down the road?

Another late late game, why ? Move these 2 games to Sunday afternoon.

I don't think Sunday afternoon will happen...NFL !!

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The Elks organization hasn't done too many smart things this season. for a start.

That whole trade thing was a sham and debacle. It was a GM trying to deflect attention from the fact that apart from picking up Moncrief he has done nothing to help the team.

That's what the trading was about. Smoke and mirrors to make it look like Sunderland was actually doing something and to misdirect attention away from the fact they don't have prospects for next year.
Think about it this way, the Harris trade was done before his last game - that's why he wasn't dressed. The Arbuckle rumour floated around for a few weeks with no talk of a possible deal and suddenly he's in Edmonton. I wouldn't doubt that deal was done at the same time or even before the Harris trade.
Stretch things out to make it look like you are working rather than just making a couple phone calls....

yeah it is strange, it doesn't make sense..... the Elks don't have alot going on, but premiering their supposed QB of the future should have been a no brainer IMO

Riders need some to get some decent looking uniforms next year

Another good start for the supposed 2021 MOP

They are going after a franchise record today though for no home wins in a season.

....that's the wrong kind of record to be setting.


Whos worse...the elks or the roughriders?