2021-11-05 Game Tracker - BC Lions vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (6185)

BC Lions

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BC Lions woes will continue. Hamilton will not loose at home while continuing the roll there on. In fact, both teams will continue the roll they are on, Ticats winning, Lions loosing. What a waste! Riley one of the Leagues best playing on a team that just can't seem to get it together. It seems like every week its something else.

…will #21 be the filthiest player in the game? :stuck_out_tongue:

Going out on a limb to say Lions surprise most people and take this game.

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In hunt camp. Any radio?

Don't know much about this Williams guy . Is he a dirty player ? :thinking:

My friend likes to gamble but blames me when he loses. I don't know what to advise him because I feel like the Ticats are consistently beating the spread, even though the Lions are improving too. Any advice?

…any villain worth his weight leaves himself an exit strategy….I see you found mine…

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It's LOSING, not loosing. Sheesh !!!!!

Uhhhhh don't think you should have gone out on the limb

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Speaking of out on a limb, anybody see Michael Riley's post game interview?

Did they shut Hamilton's radio off too?

Not to mention it's THEIR not there.

Teacher: Today, pupils, is the letter N. Give me a word for something you are not very good at, that starts with the letter N.

Billy. . "Spelling."

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No. What did he say?

Like I said in a previous post. BC looses for different reasons every week. Reily complained that for 95% of the game the OC coach could not call plays in. If I was the GM I would do two things in BC next year.

  1. Get a punter and a field goal kicker. It cost them several games.
  2. Move out Campbell or have a meeting with him. I think he is a good coach, but he has not been at his best this year. I can think of games against Sk, MTL, Edmonton and To where he made decisions that put his team at a disadvantage late in close games. Maybe it was the Offensive coaches making the call, but in the end, it falls on the head coach. Some how there is a coaching issue, but I am not sure where.

Their QB communications didn't work. For the whole game. He wasn't getting plays in from the OC pretty much the whole game.

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I’ve seen that happen at times in the NFL. When it does they intentionally disable the other teams communications as well until it’s fixed. That’s only fair, especially since it appears that the visitors communication system seems especially prone to malfunctioning. I didn’t see this in the game but also wasn’t watching for it. Did anybody catch it or know if they intentionally disabled Hamilton’s system as well? I wouldn’t mind seeing a game where QB’s had to pretend they were Fran Tarkenton or Roger Staubach and actually call their own plays.

I guess it's typical of Reilly to blame whatever he can other than his own play for every loss. Teams played without that technology for over a hundred years. If they had mentioned this to the officials, rather than waiting for the post-game presser after yet another loss, they would have disabled Hamilton's system as well to level the playing field.

I guess when you're on the verge of missing the playoffs for the third straight year with two different teams, you have to find some way to justify your bloated contract.

I'm curious who Montreal fans would have been cheering for. While a B.C. win would have improved their slim chances of finishing second, a Hamilton win clinches a playoff spot for them, and with back-to-back games against the Bombers, that's something that would not be guaranteed otherwise.

Not sure who I'd be cheering for in that situation. I guess backing into the playoffs is better than hoping for a miracle.

Or Matt Dunigan, or Danny McManus.