2021-10-30 Game Tracker - Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Montreal Alouettes (6184)

Saskatchewan Roughriders

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Cody made some odd and probably insulting culinary comments this week. For a guy so sensitive about what is said about him on social media, you can't help but wonder

Should be a good game, the other games yesterday were yawners. if Ottawa had ANY offence they would have easily bested the stumps

You dont speak too highly of the "Stumps"- is that jealousese for Stamps??
Anyways doesn't say much about the Riders seeing we beat them 2 in a row and 2 out of 3 games this years lololol

What's that?

Says he thinks Montreal smoked meat isn't good

OK Riders, lets win this

Will be interesting to see how Mont runs on good teams.

Johnson jumped

So far so good

Good Start by AL's . I like it

Well they def didn't try and not run, lol

What happened to the MOP season Fajardo was sure to have' rider fans?

Rider fans are like Oiler fans, all the awards are locked up after 3 games

Not sure why you would somersault on a sack in the 1st quarter of a game you are losing, but ok

To many penalties by ALs' they are letting the riders off the hook

Stupid penalties still being taken by the rider's.... MUST Fix dat crap

Big play by Mont D

Fajardo's not going to survive this game the way it's going.

Might have to wait till next week to see the result of my question