2021-10-30 Game Tracker - BC Lions vs. Toronto Argonauts (6183)

BC Lions

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MBT and Pipken will make a good combination, I think, for the rest of the season.


TSN isn't showing this game on their TSN1 feed which is the regional feed-in BC (Alberta and Yukon as well) Seems strange that they are only showing it on the Winnipeg regional channel.

Love that 2nd and short pass by Pipkin. Love that usage. Keep 'em honest

Lots of quit evident in the Lions thus far. Don't think they wanna be part of any playoff embarrassments!
However, Mike Reilly is NOT A QUITTER!

Yep, sad to see but there need to be some big changes in the off-season.

I'd like to see the Lions make a go of it down the stretch and catch Calgary for third. How sweet it'd be to see Bo Levi miss the playoffs.


Well that would pretty much only happen if the Lions can go 4-0 down the stretch here, or the Stamps have to fold. Don't see either happening.

3-1 but their loss can't be against Calgary. The Lions play the Stamps in a couple weeks. Calgary has a bye week, BC would hold the series if the beat Calgary.

Bottom line, it doesnt matter if lions go 1-1, 0-2 or 2,-0 today and next week. If Stamps win the Nov 12 game , its game over for BC

Macbeth can't seem to connect today.

Suddenly Hamilton seems the east favorite to me

Beautiful pic 6

I'm just looking for good football down the stretch.

Winnipeg has three meaningless games
Sask plays the Elkssss x2

Would be nice to see both BC and Calgary in it for a playoff spot to keep things interesting

I dont think its going to happen for BC

…or last week. Hope they didn’t do something stupid like trade away their best QB lately.

Don't like how that missed FG by Camacho from 38 yard that sailed through the end zone without even a chance for a return was awarded a single point in a close game. Have to change the rules. Either attempt the field goal or attempt to down the ball in the end zone. Not both.

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macho Camacho needs
to be better

How did the Argos beat the Bombers?? This attempt at finishing the game today has been brutal....

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