2021-10-29 Game Tracker - Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Edmonton Elks (6182)

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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Both teams really, really need this one, Hoping that we get a barn burner but if Edmonton fails to perform well I think Elizondo will be history, if not now, later.

What a waste the Harris trade would be since it was solely made because the 'town wasn't big enough' for Elizondo and he. If they fire Elizondo in December anyways, they rebuild for no reason whatsoever. Could have been avoided by just letting Elizondo go last month.

Claybrooks was canned by the Lions last season for only winning 5 of 18 games & right now Elizondo has 2 wins. Only 5 games left for him to save his job. I really think Edmonton will end the season without Jamie & Trevor, & back into rebuild mode, starting from scratch.

The Tiger-Cats are in a difficult position without Bralon Addison as he is the workhorse and main big playmaker for the Cat's offence. The rookies on the team have to really step up - all four new receivers, and the offensive line - to have a Grey Cup appearance.

Cats showing a balanced attack so far. Amazing. Fans on Hamilton board mesmerised.

Cats are taking advantage of Mincy being out aren't they?

Anybody lonely here. Come on over to the party on the fun board.

lawence should be charged with spearing and ejected from the game. Then fined from the league,


Interestingly... all fouls happened after the play.


Love this league




Brain dead

Lawrence should be in prison - how many players does he have to maime or does he have to kill ??
Ask Collaros what he thinks!!

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I can see Johnny Cash setting up to play right now.

Yes he is the Kyes Herbert Clone. Both shouldn't be allowed to play in the CFL ! Hebert has gone now but Lawrence is still around playing dirty. He led with his helmet on that un-necessary hit and that is supposed to be flaged for spearing. He will be contributing to the League with a fine along with those other 3. Maybe Kelly suspended for spitting.

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Spearing lol

what do you call leading with your helmet, regardless of where you hit.

Hamilton fans have no class.

Well I am retired from teaching.

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fans are the same everywhere. Most are classy, some are not, for every team in every league in every sport

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