2021-10-29 Game Tracker - Calgary Stampeders vs. Ottawa Redblacks (6181)

Calgary Stampeders

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This one is hard to get excited about. But it is a crucial game for us

Yes it is crucial. I agree that it will be hard for the Stamps to truly motivate themselves. Even though they SHOULD win handily, one does have to remember that Ottawa is a professional team as well and anything can happen. These games that should be won are often the ones that teams look past. Dickenson needs to prepare them as if it is the playoffs and it is win or go home.


Stamps should win 97 to 3

I don't think it'll be that bad. Ottawa's offense will be a little better than that and their defense can also improve. It'll be 96-4. :wink:

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yep, I agree narles

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Why is it crucial. ? You got 3rd place rapped up, it’s a playoff spot.

If the Stamps want the home playoff game they need to win at least 1 more game in their remaining 3 than the Riders win in their remaining 4. Saskatchewan should win at least 2 of the 4 so the Stamps cannot afford a loss and still realistically have a shot. Your comment reminds me of the attitude the Rider GM Al Ford had back in his tenure. He would aim for the the last playoff spot. He often missed it by just one spot. He should have tried to assemble a team to aim for first spot and then if he missed it by one, oh well....still in the playoffs. I am sure the Stampeders will be happy to get into the playoffs but will not be looking to just secure 3rd if 2nd is still up for grabs. Therefore this is a crucial game for them.

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I do not think Al Ford was capable of doing what you said.. Back in those days the Board picked a GM who would do as the board said and the board was comprised, it was alleged, of those who knew nadda. The teams record in the old days may speak to that rumour

Go Stampeders

No Dedmon, no Pruneau, just hoping it's a decent game to watch.

Just want to see if Evans can build himself up at all - or at least get DUCK some more time to get used to this game. Need to see if either of these two are options for 2022. The O-Line will have to be an off season fix up.

Skeeters roll.

It's too bad that both were thrown in long before they were scheduled too. They were supposed to learn behind Nicols and Davis.

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Can't wait to see Tre Roberson make his return tonight

As long as BLM continues to throw into double and triple coverage, this will not be a easy game for the Stamps. Ever since his big fat contract, he has been marginal at best. He is not the same QB we used to know. I believe his aspirations for the NFL destroyed his future when Denver's John Elway told him he would be better off in the CFL. BLM was jolted and never recovered. If he throws two picks he better get pulled for Maier.

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What in God's earth are you talking about. When did this meeting with John Elway occur?

This game could be hard to watch.....

Is there NO other QB in Ottawa?

Oh there we go. Nice completion kiddo