2021-10-23 Game Tracker - Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Calgary Stampeders (6180)

Saskatchewan Roughriders

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The Stampeders are poised for a sweep. Seemed doubtful a month ago, but doubting the Stamps is a fools errand.

Looks like this game is playing second fiddle to minor league soccer on TSN 1, and being overlapped on 2 of other 3 channels with the danger of a minor league soccer overlap on the other one. So typical of this turd of a sports network to do something like this.

And I'll bet your big mouth will be nowhere to be seen on here if the Stumps lose.

Gotta admit, these are 2 teams heading in oppsote directions.
Slightly concerned about the Stamps, Kinda like that mole on my back....

IF big IF

yep.. I would be concerned

Wouldn't be so sure about that since Calgary was very very fortunate to win those games.

how do you figure? In 120 mins of Football over the first 2 games, how many seconds have the riders had the lead?

Ya. You should have that removed.

The stallion's back, the mares are nervous, Ouch.

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Lemon is out as is Kasatati , Calgary will have a few big roster changes from last game

I is raining something fierce this Morning in Calgary.Hope it lets up. Could be a cold wet evening in the stands, but it will be worth it to see such a key victory

Going to the game?

Absolutely ... I don't miss many, weird start time though

Enjoy the game, of course I have to cheer for Saskatchewan, partially for parity between the two clubs and partially to chill stamps Ego's.

Still enjoy

You may want to chill the ridernation ego... at the beginning of the month it was going to be clean sweep by the riders with victories of 16+ points each time

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Rider are already chilled, from B2B beatings from Stamps and Bombers.
A victory today might give them a reason to get of bed and put on pants again.


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Well, then I hate to sound egotistical, but I do not see a reasonable scenario where the Stamps lose tonight. There is a flu (not covid) going around the Stamps locker room, so that seems their best hope.

Why is the game on so late , it should be a Sunday 2 p.m. start, then the riders would have a better chance. We need more Sunday games as the playoffs approach.

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