2021-10-23 Game Tracker - Ottawa Redblacks vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (6178)

Ottawa Redblacks

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I dislike triple-headers. I love my football obviously, but who can sit in front of a tv for 9 hours? Not me anyway. It's just painful. I begin to zone out well before the games are over.

Could not agree more, it is truly dumb

This is a must win game for the Cats at home in Week 12. I expect them to have a solid effort on both sides of the ball versus the 2-8 Redblacks. They will still trail the first place Als & Argos after their 5th victory, by two points. :hash: :two: :tiger:

Agree, I’ll also have a NHL ga to squeeze in, roughly 12 hours, my poor PVR will be working hard. I’ll be drinking hard, my wife will living in the rec room.

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I’m usually sleeping by 7, hope when I wake up the riders have won ? Lol

Bob Dyce always reminds of Carl Weathers as Chubb Peterson in Happy Gilmore .

Ottawa still in it at the half . 8-3 .

Over on the Ticat board we are more than annoyed at our offensive play calling.

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Great challenge by Lapo. Terrible call after review That was NOT PI

I agree the feet got tangled up incidentally ; Matty thought it would be over turned as well .

The Stamps play Ottawa next week. I feel good about that

Their trying to make their referees look good, can;t buck the system.

This is pretty classless by Ti-Cats. There was no reason they couldn't have taken a knee

And this results mathematically eliminates the RedBlacks


Close standings in the East. Point differential might come into play

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Duck Hodges looks worse than he ever did in the NFL. No zip on the ball. Too many inaccurate throws and checkdowns. Also thought he thought he had 4 downs running for little gain on 3 and 10 with 2 and a half minutes left to play of throwing it out of bounds like he was in the NFL at other times. Someone has to remind him it's a 3 down league.

Caleb Evans looks much better than Duck who I think probably has a new appreciation for the talent we have here.

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I’m sure that your wife knows how things work in the natural world.

NEVER get between a Mama bear and her cubs.
NEVER get between WeGotTheCup and CFL Football. :partying_face: :boom:

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It looked to me like their legs banged. They used to call that accidental interference and a 10 yard penalty but haven’t heard them call that this year. I wonder if they’ve changed it.

It’s a good thing that the RedBlacks brought in a Duck to play quarterback. They’re not too good at math. :crazy_face:

Duck Hodges out there reminded me of Johnny Manziel. In other words, he has a long way to go before anybody considers him a franchise quarterback.

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