2021-10-23 Game Tracker - BC Lions vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (6179)

BC Lions

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Winnipeg will clinch 1st tonight. and will face 3 weeks of meaningless football. You know what they say about idle hands.

Thet get frost bite?

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well.. they can certainly get bit in the cold early evening of Dec 5, thats for sure

Decemembuuur? I've had my beer freeze solid (and I ain't no sipper) in November! You guys won't like coming here in the West Final!

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Welcome back Mrstallion,
Perfect timing.


Aug 21
3-1 will still be pretty good.

3-1? routine in Calgary . Kinda makes me yawn.... wake me up at 9-1

Good morning I'm your morning sunshine :sun_with_face:


Haha! Good memory! Oh, the good old days....

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I live for the oldies.
Rock around the clock

lol 9-1 is impressive its true. So consider me awake I;m aware of the Bombers, but like what my Stamps are doing

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Bo Levi and Co have played in many cold weather games and we have as much experience in Dec football as the bombers do..

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LOL, even your boy Doug Flutie had to keep his hands by the heaters in WPG in Nov! BLM? LMAO

Just having fun,
Seriously welcome back, lets have some fun for the reminder of 2021

I'm happy to see Calgary on the rebound. Looking forward to the finals.


Umm what? Flutie never played a playoff game in Winnipeg, I can assure you

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Ya, I'm lost as well.

Yes, those same Stampeders that in the playoff game in 2019 couldn't generate a single point in the final 30 minutes of the game! Takes a real "high quality" team to not be able to score even 1 point in an entire second half of playoff football.

lol That was 2 years ago after 3 straight Grey Cup appearances. No matter how good you are you can't maintain that high level every single playoff and Calgary was a tired team in the beginning of a transition period (yes in Calgary 12-6 is a transition period).

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I thought 'transitition periods' were what those grumpy alien women in Star Trek got between periods. :crazy_face:

I wonder if BC will put up a better fight this game (by 'better fight' I mean 'some fight'... 'any fight'). They haven't brought in any new talent along the offensive line and Lucky Whitehead is still on the shelf. Does BC management know they have an obvious weakness or two or three when it comes to pass protection? :thinking:

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I think the Lions are in tough the rest of the way, a cross over in best chance. Do they play Hamilton? Its been 10 yrs since this team made any noise and a shame they could have "transitioned " better themselves post Wally Buono

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That is all too true, Lions have struggled since Wally and for far too long.

I have a good feeling they will put up a much better fight today at IG Field. It’s great to see that Reilly is finally off the Injury Report (Limited). My Grandfather always said even the best golfers can’t play their best golf if they always have limited practice.

Go Lions Go


Let's not get carried away. In 2019 Hamilton started 9-2. The Bombers started 14-2 in 2001, 10-1 in 1993. All of them lost the Cup game. At least they played. Lions started 11-0 (2005) & 9-1 two years later. The team with the most regular season wins (Edm 16) started 8-1, Stamps went 58-14 in the Garcia/Flutie years with two starts of 14-1. Als started 12-1. All of those teams except one Stamp squad didn't even make it to the Cup. BTW, those 1995 Stamps lost. Hot streaks are not unusual. So 9-1, 10-1 Bombers - ho hum. Seen it before - LOTS.