2021-10-22 Game Tracker - Toronto Argonauts vs. Montreal Alouettes (6177)

Toronto Argonauts

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Bede missed a FG and run out of the endzone for no points (how a missed FG should be)

Still 0-0

Hits it from the 25 this time

3-0 Argos

Not a pretty sight with Calquoun down. Stretcher on the scene too.

The Als' offence is sputtering so far. They have to solve the blitz from the Argos.

The interception by Hunter!

TD Als! Nice long pass by Shiltz.

So receiver can't push the defender but can pull the hair of the defender to throw him to the ground?

Hair is fair game


Aren't all scoring drives reviewed by HQ?
Why isn't that illegal?

Hair sticking out of helmet is at players own risk

Antonio Pipkin. Geez... :roll_eyes:

That has got to be Off PI....and I'm no defender of these guys in the long dreads


Slick move by Lewis.

Weird definition of "slick"

I'm with you. Rule is a little weird but ...

But I can't believe hair wouldn't be treated the same as if he had gabbed the DB's uniform and thrown the guy down ... for me, it isn't the hair it is the throwing the DB out of the way that made it surprise there was no call or a challenge.


Another long TD pass to Lewis!

Anything that involves hair is not a penalty. That's the rule.