2021-10-16 Game Tracker - Montreal Alouettes vs. Ottawa Redblacks (6175)

Montreal Alouettes

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The biggest question for Week 11's rematch Als versus the Redblacks is the quarterback matchup. The other :question: is can the Als win 3 straight :rofl:

Another big question for this one is: How well can each team deal with the very wet weather?

With Stanback back in the lineup, I like Montreal's chances.

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OK Ottawa , here's your chance to vacate the league cellar & hand it over to the Elks. Believe it or not, a playoff spot is not beyond hope but this game is a must.

Food poisoning?

Those complimentary unrefrigerated pork chops the Redblacks 'MeatGrammed' to Stanbeck should have raised some red flags. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

…yeah, weird eh? The other day my grandson had a runny nose, he has a cold…non-Covid issues apparently exist…

Yup. This summer my dear old mom turned 94 at her Care Home. She's been double vaccinated and is about to receive her booster shot (which I authorized). She'll likely pass away anytime within the next ten years but the odds are it won't be from covid. 'Circle of Life' will probably get her while she's sleeping. That's how I wanna go. :expressionless:

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Nice start for the Als.

In today's tribute to Rod Black, the yard marker chains will be shortened to 7 and a half yards!


And as a tribute to Alvin P. Metric, the yards will become 39.37 inches. So it should even out. :smiley:

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Meanwhile game action Als with a TD

Uh oh. Looks like Vernon Adams Jr might be 'Shiltzed' out of luck. :grin:

That was a real BS call by the Refs. Schultz became a running back as soon as he crossed the line of scrimmage. And his late slide into the Ottawa defender was the result of the accidental hit on him. Refs got to get the rules straight. I'm not a RB fan but that sets a bad president.

And an INT

You're making my head spin. Who's 'Shultz'? And how did he get in the game?

Until now I thought a 'bad president' was what they had just south of us a few years ago. The current guy just has dementia but he's likable. :grin:

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Peanuts creator :wink:

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I can hardly wait to see what happens when he pins the football and someone tries to kick it. :smiley: :+1:

Shiltz is the Als QB ! And as I said as soon as he crossed the line of scrimage he is like a running back and loses the QB title for that play.