2021-10-16 Game Tracker - Calgary Stampeders vs. BC Lions (6176)

Calgary Stampeders

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Huge, huge game for both teams. Stamps have the Riders number this year, The Riders have BC's number. A battle for second place between 3 teams. Should be exciting. I will take the Lions in a nail biter. They are rested, maybe that gives an edge.
I take the Redblacks and Argos. I predicted blowouts last week for the home teams. In 2 cases that is what happened. Calgary and TO pulled out tight tight wins on the road, a bit of a surprise.
And then there is the Elks....appropriately, it is hunting season!

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Two teams going in opposite directions. The Lions have lost two straight (home) games while the Stamps have won two straight. You're right, the Leos are rested coming off the bye and have 3 key pieces of their secondary back from injury (Sayles, Hardin, Edwards-Cooper). They were all missing from the Winnipeg game that Collaros torched two weeks ago. However, B.C. is without its biggest weapon in Lucky Whitehead, but will benefit from the return of Lemar Durant, back to face his old team.

As much as I hate to say this, the Stamps have the confidence right now, so I predict they take this one. B.C. still hasn't fixed its O-line so the running game is a mess. RT Ryker Mathews still out with a concussion. This will be his 7th game missed.

Lions by 8

Ohhhh this is gonna be a game. The Lions must win if not for the standings… then for the kids.

It’s a nice 4pm start at BC Place and also billed as “family day”. Who wants to see a bunch of crying kids and pissed off parents.

Lions by 14… +

I see the Calgary Stampeders defeating the B.C. Lions in Week 11. The Stamps will extend their win streak to 3 games. The revenge factor plays a big motivator after losing 15-9 to the Lions at McMahon Stadium in Week 2 :bangbang:

Calgary has more wins then teams coming off a bye. Being rested means nothing to calgary

OK Mike_D it’s game… may the good win over the evil.

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Looks like Stamps had the better half. BLM is acting a bit dickish on the sidelines. Everything's normal so far. Go bite 'em Lions! :grin:

I know I talk about cobranding a lot but do these audiences of

The CFL also watch a lot of DRAG RACE .

No thank you. I'm allergic to drag queens. I break out in a dead run to the exit. :grimacing:

I get a chuckle that this ad is on so much for the last week or so watching CFL games .

I like to think a little research was done before doing a

cross promotional . :wink:

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I'm sure the day will come when our TV's start listening to our conversations and then we'll start seeing commercials that hit the mark. A f*** you McDonalds commercial might be the result though. :grin:

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Calgary is playing so much better .

Not sure why Campbell is doing the same thing in BC as in Ottawa .

This is Rourke time to play .

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Calgary was +2.5 for this one?

Rourke finally got in. He's slinging it well but it's 'garbage time'. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I had high hopes for this matchup. On paper it should've been more exciting. So much for the 'game of the week'. :roll_eyes:

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Much Later than I would have liked but it's at least something .

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Same thing keeps happening here. The game gets out of hand but the backup gets almost no time to get any meaningful reps. McGuire is still green even though he's been on our roster for the last 3 years. I hope we never have to test him. :roll_eyes:

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…agreed, I thought it would be a lot closer than it was…

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