2021-10-15 Game Tracker - Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Edmonton Elks (6174)

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

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Times are tough when you sit your #1 QB just to shake things up. If Cornelius were to actually win the game (unlikely) Harris might be the new back-up. Glad they're not my team.

That doesn't make sense. You're going to sit your all-star QB in favor of a raw rookie just as a shakeup for your offense? That's the kind of move some putz with a beer in an armchair in front of a TV would call for.

It means either one of two things: A) it's a lie to mask an injury to Harris or B) Elizondo really is that dumb that he would blame the offense on his star QB.

I think it's A, because if it was B, he would still at least dress Harris as by far the best backup option to Cornelius, but at this point I wouldn't put B past Elizondo.

I'm going with (C) Will be traded soon, hard to sell a injured QB.

Several teams are kicking the tires while perusing the used QB parking lot

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Then that would fall under B, blaming your QB for your losses. Which would be a knee-jerk bad move.

Nothing better than a good old fashioned guessing game! Keep us on the edge of our seats! Keep us in the dark & feed us... umm, never mind.

(C) trade, he's not dressing

if it was B, he would still at least dress Harris as by far the best backup option

Your words, correct?

...no they are trying to save his life...... it's sort of a white flag of surrender.

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Yes. And trying to trade him at this point is the same thing as blaming him for losing, so it is still B.

Well things get more confusing every week. I am not sure what to think, why sit out your healthy number one QB against the best team, at home. Just another among too many questionable moves. One has to assume Harris is done, not sure if he is under contract next year. As an Elks fan, yes I typed the wrong name, fan, what can I say my team is a mess. I don't blame the players that is for sure I think this shows how much a mess from the head coach on up to the top can destroy a team.
Side note I did find Walkers comment this week very interesting...

What did he say?

Or just maybe its not as simple as A or B, and other factors come into play.
Maybe he hasn't played as well as he can, and he's being sat to get the message. By putting him 2nd QB, Cornelius would be looking over his shoulder and worried the whole game that 1 bad throw and Harris is warming up.

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Do the Bombers get a FG today over 35 yards??

It's a message to the whole team. Harris apparently been told he's on the trade block. Arbuckle has been as well. Hmm - Harris to Toronto for Arbuckle? Both had front loaded bonuses so wouldn't cost either team much. Less likely - Harris for Masoli? Evans is the clear #1 & Masoli probably welcomes a move. Not likely Harris gets sent to a West club. But it looks like he's done in Elkland.

Where in the west would you trade him? BC has Reilly; Calgary has BLM and I think Maier looked good and may be next generation in Calgary; Saskatchewan has Fajardo and Winnipeg has Collaros. No one in the league can afford a big ticket back up. The best option I see is Montreal or Ottawa where they need a QB. Third place in the east is there for the taking for both teams. Not sure ottawa has the time to get him in and turn things around in time. So I guess I am saying Montreal.

I say freak the FG try over 35 yards. Put the punter in and let him drive it through the end zone. At least we get the single point. Mourtada has a strong leg. He's second best, only behind Bede, in the leaue for average kick off yards. Accuracy seems to be the problem. Maybe he's got a lot of rust considering he hasn't kicked professional since like 2015.

Well I think he's only got tonight to try and figure it out. Miss another 30 yrder at home next week and he'll be booed off the field.

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If Harris is healthy?
What a moronic move, IMO.
Of all CFL QB's with more than 13 attempts?
Harris's QB rating is 5'th.
Cornelius's is dead LAST.

If he misses another one over 30 yards, I think he'll be booed off the field all the way in Edmonton by the Bomber fans in Winnipeg.
Troy is free since 1290 TSN closed shop, unless he's gone back to working on his dancing career. Maybe ask him to come back. Couldn't do worst.

Do you remember Troy's last few years?!

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