2021-10-11 Game Tracker - Toronto Argonauts vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (6173)

Toronto Argonauts

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With the Als win this can make the top 3 air tight should the Cats come on top... based on the Argos TMF record... that's likely.

MBT starting picked up one 1st down they're punting

LOTS of empty seats at Tim Horton’s Dump.

Thomas-Erlington runs in with the opening score. PAT missed

6-0 Ham early..... could be one of 'those' afternoons

The drive-through line inside the stadium is probably huge for coffee and doughnuts today. Also don't forget to factor in the 'roll up the rim' delay. All of these things take time.

Be nice. Let them park and waddle to their seats. :smiley: :+1:

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I knew Toronto would bet getting slaughtered, but their defense is laughable at this moment.

Hamilton also unimpressive.
Why is MacBeth playing when Arbuckle is available???
MacBeth CAN'T WIN A GAME !!! What is he 2 and 57 or something like that?
He has given the Argos 2 1st down in one whole half. Yuch!!

Agreed - - Bethel Thompson is about as bad as it gets for a starting QB. He nearly ran out the clock at halftime and cost the Argos 3pts.

If Arbuckle can’t beat out Bethel Thompson he really doesn’t have much hope for a pro football career.

Unbelievably, the Argos are within a TD despite being completely dominated in the 1stH.

How did Jer Masoli miss what should have been an easy TD?

Receiver did not have a defender within 20yds.

Announcers keep saying 7 point game but when I went to school 13 - 5 was 8

Betel Thompson absolutely HAS to make that easy 15yd throw for a TD.

But instead he floats one in that gets broken up.

I can’t believe how terrible the QB play is throughout the entire league this year.

What about this Thanksgiving CFL ball !

Guess who sucks? It ain't the Argos!!

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Between missing a year, two week camp and practicing six hours a week , you get this...

I Can't believe it ! I thought that the Argos would get slaughtered! Boy was I wrong !!! What a comeback win - good stuff boatmen.

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they have to stop Starting So Slowly.
plus Masoli and Hamilton Suck.

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But you got to admit, the expression on Scott Mitchel's face was worth a million bucks. He looked like he was pushing a Mr. Hankey.

And it turned out nice again. TaDa

Weasel Steinauer got stage fright in crunch time and cost Hamilton the game with his ultra conservative approach to just go for the FG when it was 1st and goal.

TiCat defence couldn’t stop a nosebleed in the 2ndH - - they absolutely HAD to have a touchdown on that last drive.

Embarrassing to see Steinauer coaching so scared.