2021-10-11 Game Tracker - Ottawa Redblacks vs. Montreal Alouettes (6172)

Penalties and poor coaching....they won’t get too far this season unless they smarten up.

I'm sure that LaPo had some words of wisdom to share with Evans:

#%!!@ROOKIE*&!!!%#AH* :boom: :anger: :laughing:MISTAKE!!!

Only bright spot is the running game.

Yup. Makes for an exciting game, though. These two QBs can run and make something out of nothing. But they can also give the other team a gift with some frequency.

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True. At this point LaPo doesn't want it to become 'the gift that keeps on giving'. :yum:

Very nearly a 100yd pick six for Ottawa.

Adams clearly never saw, or looked for (i.e., tunnel vision), the DB ... that throw is an example of "lucky rather than good".

Then the last 45 minutes hit them like a bug on a windshield. :grin:

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Caleb Evans isn’t going to last very long at the pro level if he keeps tossing up fluttering throws off his back foot while scrambling backwards.

Adams is in his 5th season

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He hasn't played football since 2019. Someone should throw this drowning man a mentor in the offseason. Maybe Jeff Garcia can coach him up. :smiley: :+1:

It must be cold in Montreal today - - that’s the only explanation as to why Khari Jones would have his golf shirt buttoned all the way up.

He's just reluctant to show off his recently aquired 'Blue Bombers Forever' tattoo. :grin:

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It’s hard to describe how utterly useless Vern Adams is at football.

Really?! You put this all on Adams?!

The guy is NOT a pro level QB. Never has been, never will be.

Again you put this all on Adams?!!

How about the fact the o line has 4 of 5 regulars out?

How about Bray dropping a pass?

How about the costly penalties?

How about lack of a return game?

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ALL ........ no

Large part ....... yes

See my reply to Area 51

Shiltz is in... WHAT A FINISH!!!