2021-10-11 Game Tracker - Ottawa Redblacks vs. Montreal Alouettes (6172)

Ottawa Redblacks

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28-16 Alouettes.

Paul...are Montreal fans down on VA?

Some are. I’m on the fence....he looks brilliant one minute, and like a rookie the next. I’m hoping more playing time will season him ....he does have a lot of potential.

I would like to say two things:

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians, whether if they are home or abroad;
  2. I am glad to see CFL games back on Thanksgiving Day.

I will be tuning in and watching via ESPN+.


Montreal by 10

Going to be watching Evans progression with interest, he could(maybe) be the start of a turnaround for Ottawa. Sadly he can be only one part of the solution, Ottawa's problems won't be solved by just one man. Nichols is now expendable, trade him for what you can get. And, oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

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The whole team looked energized and on point with Evans at the helm against the Elks. Not so much when they played the Argos.

Let's see how they react against Montreal, who is without Stanback and the steady yardage he brings.

I'm also curious to see the Japanese global player Taku Lee returning kicks.

Evan’s sacked two in a row to start the game.

Touchdown ALS.

We'll take Nichols off Ottawa's hands for a toaster and two slices of bread to be named later. :grin:

And Evan’s sacked again.

3rd time already...on pace for 27 sacks at this rate :smiley:


At least got one completion on that drive . . . but what a hit at the end.

Happy Thanksgiving CFL fans!

Impressed with Montreal after the first 15min

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Obviously Montreal has fallen into Ottawa's trap. No defense can sustain that kind of sack rate and finish the game upright. Well done Ottawa. Well done. :smiley: :+1:

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Everyone else in the league should be thankful that Vern “Big Play The Other Way” Adams is not their QB.

The guy constantly makes inexplicably dumb decisions. Factor in his laughably weak arm and it’s mind boggling how he’s starting in Montreal.

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Nice run from Evans. Not sure what he was doing at the end there--trying to down teh ball in bounds?

Evans got away with a VAJ-like bad decision there.

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I thought the rule for time count after 3 minute warning was 5 yards + loss of down. The 10 yard variety is only on 3rd down when you can't lose a down. How did they get 1st and 20 out of that? Did the rule change?