2021-10-09 Game Tracker - Calgary Stampeders vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (6171)

Watching the post game the Stamps want to play in Regina. The thirteenth man fires them up. The stamps Kadeem Carey and Mitchell both stated they love the games in Mosaic.

Isn’t Mitchell something like 4-1 or 5-1 in Mosaic? That’s ridiculous really..

What about his glowing praise for Mitchell and Carey?

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Every CFL city has passionate fans....but you are right about the prairies.

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Correction: doesn't change pure Rider hate. Keep it up. :+1:

If Suitor is flasking during games I'm pretty sure none of the TSN game staff will tip off TSN management. However, it may be a matter of Glen, advancing into his 60s just becoming more disconnected from both the game he played so well + the art of the broadcast booth.
No argument about Suitor being a key centre-piece during his stout CFL career. However, he was never a trained broadcaster and his instincts to broadcast something that often doesn't resemble the game at hand is troubling!

I will humbly default to your obvious expertise on name calling. :wink:

agree with your entire post EXCEPT for the Mojito's, That my bomber buddy is a drink best kept for the beach on a small Caribbean Island that I know of... any other time 18 year old Rum or 12 yer old Scotch is the Doctors orders....Rum is also the mainstay on this island going along with any one of the following Salva Vida, Imperial, Port Royal or Barena

Nothing better than relaxing after a fine meal in the Caribbean.


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Hello there rider fan.....lol,lol. Too bad