2021-10-09 Game Tracker - Calgary Stampeders vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (6171)

Calgary Stampeders

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Im picking the home teams to win handily in all games this week. Bo will not finish the game and give way to the back up. The return match in Calgary, game 3, will be a nail biter but the Riders will prevail again coming off a bye week while the Stamps visit BC in the biggest game of their season. They will need to pass the Lions if they expect to play in the playoff this year. The Riders had a slow start in game one and still nearly pulled out a win. This week, Riders by 2 TD's.

Can the Stamps build some momentum and end up only 1 game behind the Riders in the standings?

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Lets Go Riders… and it hurts to say that.
Time to send the Stamps into a loosing streak the likes of never been seen before.

Lions are busy fine tuning the club during this bye week.

Feel free to knock the snot out of each other!


…first play

I wonder if a different qb gets an RTP flag for having their toe touched.


We can drink together after the game. For now, we are frenemies.

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…man, well into October and folks on the prairies are just wearing hoodies…similar day here…

Yeah it was about 15 degrees here today

…that was a good defensive stand..stamps o line overwhelmed

It's like watching two different leagues given the play and that atmosphere. This is more like it.

This is the game that should be on in the US now on ESPN2 not some crap college football game.


Just give two teams in the West the playoff bye already.

Easy does it there fella.....

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Oh to be young again in stadiums with rails and drinks on them like those young folks there in Regina having a good time. What a great idea that was too late in coming.

Never too late...I still do it.

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Are the drinks so good they laugh at your corny jokes too? It sounds like a lot of fun hey!

On roughing the passer, I feel like the referees ought to explain if it was late on the hit or a high hit, which the latter was on Fajardo and the right call.

They modified the rule years ago for high hits, but they did not adjust the explanation for the penalty.

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Wow. Robokicker 2.0?