2021-10-08 Game Tracker - Edmonton Elks vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (6170)

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Why not they beats your riders last week and you did lose back to back to the bombers

Chalk it up to wishful thinking on both of us

Matt Nichols would be a decent, low-cost insurance policy for the current 1-QB Bombers.
How's his hand-off arm? With guys like Demski, Harris, Wolitarsky, Rasheed, etc. in the blue lineup he doesn't need to toss the ball farther than 7 to 10 yds . . . thats about what he's been doing the majority of his checkered career.

Then again, a mope like Nichols might not be a good fit in the Bomber locker room!

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Nichols throws a great deep ball.

Sorry for your riders loss to the stamps again and the stamps own the season series , but I TOLD YOU SO

This may be true - but when Madd Matt experiences pressure he doesn't have time to fling the long ball; if he does it usually collides with turf before human hands. With limited escapibility and a massive tendency to throw the ball into traffic when experiencing such pressure - Nichols is now a limited game manager who will seldom toss for more than 200 yds/game.
That said, if Collaros goes down - Nichols is a known commodity to run a Bomber offense that will have to re-gauge itself to be even more of a running & short pass unit!

Bombers need to protect themselves soon in FG kicker & backup QB.
Trade deadline is Oct 27, prior to week 13.

Says who? I'd have to disagree. That was one of the biggest differences once Zach took over was the ability to strike deep. Nichols couldn't scramble enough to buy the time to throw deep. He'd throw at the guys feet 5 yards short of a 1st down.

From the opponents perspective, agree lol

He threw a great deep ball. It was a huge reason why the Bombers were 8-2 (or thereabouts) with Nichols at QB and 2-4(ish) with Streveler. The opposing defenses had to respect the deep strike which made so much room for Harris. As soon as Streveler was in, the deep game dried up and defenses were free to play downhill.

True, Nichols scrambling abilities are limited, an understatement actually. That's why when Collaros showed up the Bombers got the best of both worlds in one. Nichols could make all the throws but Streveler was mobile. Suddenly Collaros can make all the throws AND is mobile at the same time. :+1:

You are correct - - Matt Nichols has BY FAR the weakest arm in the league.

The guy cannot throw downfield beyond 15yds. It’s comical to see how feeble his arm is.

That’s why Ottawa and Winnipeg had to run a popgun offence with Nichols at QB.

Deep throws was not Nichols specialty. He did do a good job of managing the game, and he almost always took the shorter stuff which is why he had a good TD/Int ratio. He hated the "game manager" moniker though.

Nicholls had and still has the worst arm in the league. By far. Also can’t handle pressure and immobile. Until Streveler returns I’ll take McGuire. Given their so far all time best defence the Bombers could probably win with a turkey behind center. Or even Trevor Harris.


This is why Japan has never lost a CFL Football game. :smiley: :+1:

With the possible exception of Masoli. Popgun QB

Glad I’m not the only one here who recognizes this fact.

Sun Tsu was Chinese.


yeah but it is their fault that Japan has never won


I stand corrected Master Prairiedog72.

There must be yet another reason Japan has never lost a CFL Football game. :thinking: