2021-10-08 Game Tracker - Edmonton Elks vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (6170)

Edmonton Elks

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Eskimo fans may not want to watch this week. It could be ugly. Bombers by 10 if the Elks play there tails off. (otherwise a lot more than 10 pts). However I may predict a possible upset for next week.... but i'll wait before I make that prediction. Im certainly not "betting" on the Elks...in any game. It seems the Evil Empire has turned into an easy picking shooting range.

Is that the Denver Broncos out there or the Winnipeg Blue Bomber

Could you imagine if they both played wearing those jerseys?

Okay I've got the sound turned down so can someone fill me in on those Bomber jerseys please ? I'm guessing it has something to do with the Truth and Reconciliation Day Remembrance ceremony that our PM conveniently chose to ignore or perhaps somehow forgot about .

Didn't both teams wear them during the warmup? Or does no one even notice Edm?

I'm not sure if Elk are prey........it that's a pretty good grouping. :football::deer:

Google Photos

Bombers got robbed there...1st of all McGuire was damn close on 2nd down, but the spot was brutal at a full yard away. 3rd down he sure looked over, and the above replay showed the ball for sure hit the line, even as Suitor is mumbling about how a challenge wouldn't be good. Then the safety and my screen went bad!

You'll end up in better shape anyway. An extra 2 pts

I lost the feed as well for awhile .

When so close ; I do wish they would lead with a full back once in awhile and the RB follows to change things up like the old days .

The ingenious W looks good I like it .

That's true especially after that TD .

I'm not a huge fan of giving up the safety especially in a league where top kickers are like 85%.

Winnipeg's kicker is 62%

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Its not FGs they're worried about.

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Ya but your field position difference is probably 10 or 15 yards anyway.

Guaranteed a fg try regardless. Score would be 7-0. Not 9-0

Its a tough call, and depends on many factors...if its a tight game, and I'm worried about the opp O, I think it might be the right call. But then again if you believe in your D, you might want to kick it.

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LOL, will Edm get past their own 10 tard line this half?

Hello All,

Greetings from Lakewood, CA!

  1. GO Bombers!
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. (Especially fellow Bomber fans)



These elk Recievers.. what more do they want? The ball is right in their hands?

Bombers by 125

I hate it when it hits them in the hands like that...