2021-10-06 Game Tracker - Ottawa Redblacks vs. Toronto Argonauts (6169)

Ottawa Redblacks

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This should be a easy win for the 2021 undefeated Toronto Argonauts at home in Week 10's opener. My hometown Argos have yet to win 2 in a row this season. Tonight's the night, but just don't bet the ranch. :rofl: :football: :canada:

I'm torn anytime Toronto and Ottawa play, but, Go Argos.


I hope the "D" graded REDBLACKS bring their "A" Game! Just want it to be competitive as it will be my first time back into a stadium for a game!

Pride always comes before a fall - you're creating bad karma for the Argos.

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Most intriguing storyline of the game is the Redblacks starting Global Chris Ferguson at LT and them dressing only 6 OL for the game. So, I will watching to see if Ottawa has protection issues.

Last week was a good start for them.

I like the throwback A helmets.

Evans looking good early again for the RBs.

I see Kanneh is back for Ottawa. That's a big plus for them.

Solid stop on third and short. :expressionless:

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Pretty good size crowd on hand for this one.

Blocked punt for the TD! If offense is stuck then let special teams do the job!

Bede with the PAT. 8-6 Argos

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Do the Argos go with Arbuckle in the 2nd? Is he healthy enough?

He’s not even dressed for the game, my friend.


Maybe let Pipkin chuck a few passes.

Or keep MBT in. 63 yard strike to Foster for the TD!

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Caleb Evans has some fiery competitive spirit to him that seems to rally up the troops for battle .

Two big plays for the Argos and the Redblacks are behind .

2 PAT attempt got picked but no damage done


Lol, yeah that play worked very well, eh.

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And that was an excellent pass for the TD!

Another pick 6! Our defense alone is out scoring them tonight!

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