2021-10-02 Game Tracker - Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Calgary Stampeders (6168)

Saskatchewan Roughriders

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This is it. I still say calgary is gonna kick the roughriders ass 3-0

On three rouges.

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The Saskatchewan Roughriders better buckle up their chin straps tight, in their Week 9 match-up versus the Stamps. With 7 games remaining on the schedule its now or never for the 2-5 Stamps. Although I picked the Riders, this game could be a blowout win by the home team !

P.S. The Calgary Stampeders have an amazing 14-2 record coming off the bye in the last Decade. :star_struck: :football: :wc: :canada:Anthony Parker

Im picking the stamps to win tonight and the Riders to win game #2 at Mosaic. After game two the Riders have a bye and then travel to Calgary. Im picking the Riders to win after the bye in game #3 as I am picking Calgary to win tonight after their bye week. Calgary's season will come down to needing to sweep the Lions in their two remaining games later this season. I do not think they will beet out the Riders for a playoff spot. Calgary's Playoff hopes will come down to their 2 games against BC.

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…I hope you’re correct in your prediction kh

…I think the stamps d can contain the riders for a while but our offence really has to have had some improvement otherwise this could get ugly….

What about a rutabaga? :slight_smile:

Riders by about......30 or so.

Well so far it looks like the Riders are gonna poo the bed

Riders get beat out wide so easily. Like come on you can’t keep giving them the corner time after time


Calgary looking good tonight

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What? Riders haven't scored a 1st Q TD all year??

They look as flat as their fields

Calgary has come to play. Mitchell looks like himself again.

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Story of the season for the Riders only settling for field goals.

Bringing a knife to a gun fight

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Retaliation ALWAYS gets the penalty.

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Yes they do

Watching these games, it is becoming obvious to me, that barring injuries, Winnipeg is head and shoulders above the rest I’d the league. I thought there was more parity in the CFL…

Go Bombers!

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Roughriders need to find a way through the second half to score TD's. They are better than the majority of teams just scoring field goals, but teams like Winnipeg that doesn't work against and makes games like the one against Calgary and BC closer than they should be.