2021-10-02 Game Tracker - Montreal Alouettes vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (6167)

Montreal Alouettes

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Where's Johnny Ticat Slayer?

He lives for these games.

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Shh, it's nice and civil without him. :wink:

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Montreal loses this one they'll be in tough for a playoff spot, but who knows, it's a 4 way tie for last place in the league & only one playoff spot to share among them. That's how I'm looking at for now.

I thought the CFL was going to do away with bogus depth charts.

Fumble the punt ... save a point by starting at their own 10 yard-line ... YIKES

Second and 8 ... 5 yard pass ... Als making it difficult to be a fan sometimes

That is why I am always against the notion that Vernon Adam should run more.

But without the threat of running his effectiveness is reduced ... he is not a pure passer.

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Big play!!

Luckily Als receivers have LOTS of practice stopping and waiting for the ball to get to them when they ar wide-open behind the secondary.

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RDS: Adams game is over

Shiltz got his 1 completion off of busted coverage then later ran the qb draw. After he pulls the ball from Stanback and keeps it for a modest run, Shiltz would have used up all his effective plays.

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He should be using his scrambling abilities to extend plays in the passing game. If he is out, he is not helping the team. Also, why is it that running quarterbacks, seem to be the worst sliders. Take the slide, and save your legs…

Go Bombers!

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100% agree


Brutal drop by Kaion Julien-Grant.

Tyquwan Glass gets beaten on a big play again.


In fairness ... he was right there ... it is what can happen when you hit a receiver in stride on a long pass.

WTH was that?