2021-10-01 Game Tracker - Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. BC Lions (6166)

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

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Should be a good game. Hopefully Michael Reilly can lead his team to a much needed win.

I'm going to take the Lions in this one by 9.


I’m going to call it as Lions to win

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LOL win by 11 points and only because they are going to incorporate a run game this time.

you expecting maybe they have some new olinemen, or coach?

The big news is the former Bombers in BC. One of their better DBs in Sayles hurt, and Whitehead who'll be looking to make a statement tonight. Have to limit those explosion plays from him and if Bombers can do that they walk out of there with 2 points.
Bombers getting some big help back at KR, LB & DE.

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Don't worry too much about Whitehead, he will make sure to grease up his hands again before game time and at the half.

Don't worry too much about the guy who is currently leading the league in recieving yards? Makes sence......
BC can be a dangerous team. I would hope the Bombers don't take them lightly after a bye week.


This is a case where certain teams just match up better. The Riders match up better against BC because the Riders like to control the ball whereas the Lions play for the big play.

The Lions in my view match up better against the Bombers as its nearly impossible to score against the Bomber defense inside the red zone. You have to beat them inside the 20s most of the time to get those points.

Suspect the Lions will win this one.

Kinda agree with you, but I'd also love to see the Bombers control the TOP with some long drives. Any team with the ability to strike deep always has a punchers chance.

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BC Tonight.

Oh geez... so many of you here are thinking BC has this one in the bag. I couldn't disagree more. BC is all pass and the Bombers have built a defense that's designed to shut that down.

If a team can't pass in this league they're immediately behind the 8 ball. You'll notice that our 'human brick wall' Steven Richardson just got back into the lineup. So maybe the run is off the table for BC as well.

Advantage Winnipeg. :smiley: :+1:

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Just trash talk there... If the bombers think BC is easy pickings they be fools.... And they ain't no fools

I am seriously expecting a one sided game in wpg favor.


T - minus 1 hour.

Talkers will talk.

      Walkers will walk.

                  Bombers will strut.

I know.............Cause Stone Cold Paul Said So.


Wonder if the Leos will grease up the turf again.
Sure was a LOT of slippin’ and slidin’ last week :upside_down_face:.

Oh, that's why you won. I was wondering. :laughing:

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Hey, it was mostly Riders falling on their faces... it was a wonder we won.


Hi All,

Despite being disappointed that my plans to be there fell though, still watching it on TV. Go Bombers!


All night Mikey Boy!