2021-09-28 Game Tracker - Edmonton Elks vs. Ottawa Redblacks (6165)

Edmonton Elks

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Well let’s try this again, since Harris left this is QB 5 and 6 for the Red Blacks interested to see if one of them work out.

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QB just might not be the real problem, there. Though Matt N was the answer to any question, either. The Elks QB for tonight has exactly one more CFL game experience than the other guy. Somebody has to win, and RB’s just look bad all over, except for flashes on D.

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Some stats from the game notes for tonight:

Edmonton leads the all-time series (since 1961) with Ottawa teams 46-25-2.

Edmonton swept the 2-game series in 2019, but Ottawa won their first matchup of 2021 earlier this season. Each of the three previous games has been a low-scoring affair, none of them hitting the 40-point mark.

They have the two lowest-scoring offenses in the league thus far, and have the two worst turnover ratios at -14 (Ottawa) and -10 (Edmonton).

Of note, Edmonton has some unexpectedly positive numbers: they are 2nd in the league in net yards gained and 1st in the league in net yards allowed. Perhaps if they cut down on turnovers, they can climb into contention.

Finally, Ottawa is looking to snap an 11-game losing streak at home. That's the third-longest in league history. Guess who had longer home losing streaks: Ottawa and Ottawa.

I'm feeling confident in picking the Elks, but maybe the Redblacks are due for a win.

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I am waiting on #7.

Excuse me but didn't Ottawa have Nick Arbucikle signed, sealed and delivered as their qb of the future when somebody decided to trade him for Matt Nichols, I'm surprised that nobody at tsn ever calls that into question.

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Matt Nichols is NOT the problem in Ottawa.

Go Redblacks Go for various reasons I would like to see the take it.

Great start for the RB

:+1: :+1: :eyes:

I think at times he’s been one of the problems. That might be due to playing through injuries. Time will tell.

Heck, great starting drive for a TD.

Another TD for the RB.

ELKS are :poop:

The whole team seems inspired.

Isn’t it!!

Odd timing for a QB switch for the Redblacks.

Cornelius has had a few bad throws so far.

Nice return. They're really having fun out there now. Hope this can continue in the coming weeks (not to mention the next few quarters).

Wow they caught that procedure on TSN that was not called .

Finally .

Now a TD that shouldn't .


Wow. Is Edmonton that bad, or is Ottawa that good? Looks like Elks are coming around, maybe the RedBlacks bubble is deflating?