2021-09-24 Game Tracker - Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. BC Lions (6164)

Saskatchewan Roughriders

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This week 8 match-up between the Riders and Lions for sole possession of second place, should be a great game. The fact that the Riders won in their first meeting in Week one, is enough for me to take the Lions at home. :star_struck: :wc: :hash: :two: :question:

So checking out the depth charts, the Riders are listing 3 QBs dressed. After the Nate Behar fisaco the other night has there been a rule change that I am not aware of?

Not certain but I believe you can dress 3 but the third takes away from another position.

I think if a team dresses a third QB, they must have one fewer designated imports.

Calgary had three QBs dressed a few times earlier in the season. I think another team or two did so as well.

Ok! Fair enough that dressing 3 QB take away from another player's position. But if BC is honest about Reilly being only a game time Question. Then why is he and Rourke the only ones on the Depth Roster. If Reilly is questionable and doesn't play then Rourke gets hurt, no one to be QB. I seriously don't believe Reilly is Questionable. Especially after his performance last 2 games when he was listed as Questionable. Where is there the "Truth in Sports", Campbell?

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Who cares? When the offense takes the field you will know who is playing.

BC and their uniforms - woof

I like better with the orange helmets and then combine the orange with more black or make the pants black.

This Halloween Horror look is not working.

This game is already better than the 1st one

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Dressed for Halloween for sure you would think they are the BC Pumpkins or Jack o lanterns .

They had such great uniforms over the years and they go with orange on acid .

The BC Lion logo for every child matters is a interesting art piece and would look good to keep as a alternate logo for future games beyond this year .


The design was made by the person that designed the olympic medals for the
2010 Olympics

They look sharp ; glad they spent the time to do it right .

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Lucky Whitehead. His nickname is Tyreek Hill.

15 minutes of political stuff instead of covering the actual game, and when they finally come back, they don't even bother mentioning what appears to have been a 15 yd flag


Lol Nick Marshall racking up those phantom calls this season

Suitor gushing about Fajardo is enough for me. I'm out. Night

It’s gonna be another game of Riders just can’t get in the end zone while the other team can eh?

No pressure on Reilly, gonna be a long night.

Wow Ed Gainey continually gets screwed with these PI plays in the goal.

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