2021-09-24 Game Tracker - Montreal Alouettes vs. Toronto Argonauts (6163)

Montreal Alouettes

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My hometown Argos have a big game at home in Week 8. The Argos lead the Als by 2 points in the standings. The Als however have one game in hand. It will be interesting to see MBT under center for this key game. Let's not forget the fact the Boatmen are coming off back to back seasons with a 4-14 record. The Argos must string some wins together in order to stay in first place contention in the up for grabs East division. :thinking: :blue_heart: :football: :canada:

McBeth has an opportunity to become the Argo starter with a really good performance,yes followed by another. Dimwitty states need to put wins together. As we go in this game McBeth has 3 tds to 0 ints,while Nick has more ints than tds at 5 and 6.

Go McBeth

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Must win if Argos are to make playoffs. No win tonight. No playoffs.

I don't agree. There's lots games left in this tight race and 6 wins should probably be enough to avoid the x-over. Ottawa is not a threat.

Agreed. And so far, neither Calgary nor Edmonton are much of a threat.

Still . . . go out and win it, Argos! If the D-line can pressure VAJ but contain him from scrambling outside, he'll likely make throws that can be picked off.


The way that the Stamps and Elks are playing right now there will be no cross over. Argos win and they are tied for 1st. If they lose they are tied with the Als with 3 wins each. Elks and Stamps with only 2 wins each
No it's not a playoff deciding game, this year it will likely come down to the final weekend.

After last week I expect VAJ will be eating the ball or throwing it away before forcing stupid throws ... for this week at least

Not sure if you're going for a double entendre there or not . . . sometimes difficult to tell with posts about the Montreal QB. :grinning:

Montreal leads the modern-era series with Toronto by a 119-91-3 margin, including 57-49 in Toronto.

In 2019, Montreal won both matches, but the scores were relatively close (a 3-point and a 6-point win).

The turnover ratio for the two teams this year: Montreal +1, Toronto -10

Sack differential: Montreal +10, Toronto +1

A lot of the numbers favour Montreal, but let's see what happens. I'm still picking Toronto. But they're going to have to shut down Stanback.

Ugh, good start for the Als RB so far.

So far it looks like the game of the year.


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Lol, yeah a big change in quality from Wednesday night's game, for sure.

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Chris Jones standing on the sidelines, wearing a headset, calling the defensive signals for the Argos but he isn't counting against the number of, and cap $ limit for, coaches?


There's definitely some explaining to do about that.

Probably will be swept under the rug though.

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League continues to shoot itself in the foot when it comes to credibility.

They literally removed a coach from their website to make it look like they have 9. They have 12, the cap is 9.

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I hope Ross enjoys his CFL game ....because at this point it will be his one and only

GOOD PASS Vernon ... the DB was in his line of sight the whole way

... and the defence did NOTHING to help


TD .

There yah go .

Yea that McBeth guy is terrible isn't he? :wink: