2021-09-22 Game Tracker - Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Ottawa Redblacks (6162)

:rofl: I forgot about that little faux pas of Steroid Canseco . A definite ten out of ten and a Gold medal contender indeed . :rofl:

And now for those who don't know what we're talking about or just flat out missed it ? Here it is again so everybody can relive the moment... :laughing:

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As if his performance would have gotten even 1 win against say Toronto and Montreal instead of the heavy consensus 2 worst teams in the league.

Congratulations you've completely missed the point.

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My point is he is a professional QB getting paid to throw the ball (heavy on the irony)

Why do they keep allowing BC to hold games at a time when the biggest tv market is in bed sleeping...no wonder the CFL is always in trouble of folding in any given season

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…so the lions would tell their ticket-buying fans ‘sorry about the inconvenient start time folks, we’re really concerned about Ontarians, not so much you guys’?…

On Fridays, you're right - gate wins out, but on Saturdays I've always wondered why they have to start late, especially if the opponent is Hamilton or Montreal or something. Or why not a Sunday afternoon game? If it's October no one is at the beach.


No but they are watching an NFL game on TSN or CTV or Fox

Saturday is usually a double or triple header b/c CFL doesn't want to compete with NFL Sunday.

You already agreed that Friday is understandable. That leaves 3 games on Saturday or two on Saturday & one on NFL Sunday. So to avoid losing TV ratings vs NFL, the other option is 3 games Saturday. Giving there Is a three hour difference in time. So to be fair to East and West, they start the first game in the East around 2pm. Which is 11am in Vancouver. Thursday Sunday & Monday Don't bring in a great amount viewers. Keep in mind this will become more difficult if/when Halifax has a team.

I do look forward to any suggestions that is fair to all

And Saturday night goes up against hockey - even worse. They gotta play em SOME time.

Gee maybe we can get some politician to legislate that we create an extra day in the week just so we can play with no competition .

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Your very correct, they are. But not to your satisfaction. I don't know what the answer is.

And make the wealthiest pay for it

And I quote..."And the scheduling will take care of itself "....or something like that anyways . :roll_eyes:

Hockey doesn't really start until November and besides it's on CBC.
But the point is that TSN and CTV both have NFL football on Sundays. Why would they want to put the CFL up against it?
TSN gets some pretty good ratings on Saturdays

Hockey starts in October and it's religion.

But that's not really the point. The point is that whenever they play they will be up against some for of NFL NHL competition. The only thing that I would keep the CFL away from is the Stanley Cup playoffs. Other than that they have to stop worrying so much what else is on.

I just don't know why the Lions are so afraid to have a game start in the fall at 4 instead of 7. I went to football games there for 40 years. I can count on my fingers how many of them kicked off before 7pm. They put in a retractable roof at tremendous expense 10 years ago to attract fans that don't like being indoors in summer and they still kickoff at 7. I don't get it.

Show me all the CFL fans refusing to watch the CFL because of a NFL game is on c'mon next to those not watching the CFL because of a MLB Blue Jay game , NCAA college or NHL game is on .

Sunday afternoons in the Fall had the CFL since being allowed to do so by the government .

But a network and dead duck owned argo team with one which hates the CFL with a passion wants a NFL franchise someday and we get this mess .


Tell me which Saturday game your going to watch this week .

ZIP f all . Because the league you think is run for a profit . LOL.

This is a charity league run by people like OSEG who even with sell outs could not make a go of it .

Now they get this mess in the capital as they are not even bothering to care anymore .

I am a CFL fan and have been throughout my entire 73 years of life - and plan on living a lot longer too! I can respect the American game, but as a game, I believe the CFL is the better one. Unfortunately, Canadians far too often are overly impressed with the American glitz and glitter and during those cold winter nights have watched NFL on Monday nights - but this should never replace our loyalty for the CFL nor influence our judgement on good football. The game in Ottawa was played in horrendous conditions, but it was still fun to watch and the best team did win. This kind of game has and will continue to be seen in the NFL too. What all sports teams need to consider is - what impact is global warming having on their game? Game and weather conditions like what we just witnessed just might become the norm - so we need to start planning now.

Now, lets talk CFL Hamilton Tiger Cats - they are coming on and I am hoping to see a full rooster of first string players in the line-up soon. When this happens - watch out!

Now- everyone with me, 1- 2 and 3 - Oskii-Wee-Wee! Do it with a smile!

LOL - the game was not warm!

Cats are doin fair . From that perspective you may see it as passible and I understand that point of view . :grinning: Oski wee wee

From a Ottawa area fan perspective I guess we see the black cloud more clearly .

Hamilton escaped the bankruptcy no team for you and owe a debt to the caretaker as he has had to endure all the pitfalls .

He has said it himself he did not get into it as philanthropy . It was to even itself out and be capable of a future .

Not sure if he visits anymore .

If he does the core of what the CFL is and what isn't needs to be clearly made . The mistakes of the past continue .

The quick fixes just don't work .

Really hoping all his work in his other Canadian enterprise the CPL works out and a better base and core ideal for the CFL can be derived from it someday .