2021-09-22 Game Tracker - Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Ottawa Redblacks (6162)

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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I have a strong gut feeling that the Ottawa Redblacks will have an inspired effort at home in Week 8. I decided to take them in my CFL Pick'em, they really need to stop this four game losing streak ! :thinking: :grimacing: :stop_sign: :1234: :red_square: :black_medium_square:

Tonight, the Ticats will be playing their 4th game in 16 days! :scream_cat:

Funny this article doesn't mention the absence of Speedy Bee, seems to me to be a major factor for Hamilton.

Well he's been absent all year. Old news I guess.

He wasn't a major factor in the games before his injury.

True 'nuff, but his mere presence is always a concern for any secondary, you never know when he'll break out of his slump. Can't see his whole year being like the first few games.

Since 1950, Hamilton is 102-77 against Ottawa teams (45-42 for games in Ottawa).

Last season, Hamilton won both games vs Ottawa, outscoring them 54-19 combined.

None of this looks good for the home team tonight, but I'll be there under the North Side roof cheering them on in the rain.

The Redblacks QB Davis has a career 4-8 record. Hamilton's young Watford is 1-0.

Hamilton's turnover ratio this season is +2. Ottawa's is -9. Both teams have a negative sack differential, Hamilton at -12 and Ottawa at -9.

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Enjoy your game tonight, I suspect Hamilton will win, but this is football....... expect the unexpected........now where did I hear that statement before?? Maybe I'll ask my Big Brother.

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I am pulling for Ottawa against anyone except Toronto.

man does this team suck

I'm surprised even those 100 fans showed up.

New GM coming.

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This didn’t age well..


Yiikes !!! Brutal!
Ticats again not impressive either.

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The playing conditions for both teams were brutal - I'm surprised that more player didn't get hurt because of the rain. While a Cat fan, I was not impressed by their play - but it was their 4th game in 16 days so they really had to be tired. Regardless, they won - Oskee - wee - wee!

Congratulations to Hamilton in their victory tonight.

Rain doesn't hurt.

Watched this on PVR and I can't help but be discouraged for the future of our league when this is the kind of display we're putting on. I know it was raining but that was the farthest thing from entertaining as I can think of.

Can Dominique Davis throw a pass more than 5 yards that is not out of bounds.

This is a sure fire way to kill what was once a great team to follow and go to games to cheer for.

I actually thought they should abolish the punt after so many 2 and outs. I mean if there was a turnover on downs, the other team's offense wasn't going anywhere anyways.


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Zero points for the offense, 2 hurt QB, oh boy. I actually feel sorry for LaPolice,

I am truly convinced after watching this lousy game in Week 8. The Ottawa Redblacks will not win another game this season 1-13 for the 2021 season. Although the Cats won 24-7, they were unimpressive in this rain soaked game in the nations capitol. :roll_eyes: