2021-09-18 Game Tracker - Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Edmonton Elks (6161)



Winnipeg Blue Bombers

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My money is on Winnipeg by 15. Any takers? :wink:

I think that the Elks are due.


Rider fan walks into a bar. Saskatchewan and Montreal are on the TV in the Grey Cup. Damon Duval is lining up the game winning field goal. Rider fan says "hundred bucks he misses and the Riders win the cup." Bartender says "You're on!"

Sure enough, Duval misses, but the Riders are flagged for too many men. Duval tries again from 10 yards closer and nails it. Alouettes win! Rider fan is looking glum.

Bartender says "I'm sorry man. I can't take your money. This game was played earlier. This is the replay."

Rider fan says "I know! I saw it too. I didn't think they'd be dumb enough to get caught with 13 men TWICE!"