2021-09-18 Game Tracker - Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Edmonton Elks (6161)

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

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Welcome to the City of Champions Taylor Cornelius. You have a tall task in front of you in Week 7 at home. The defending Grey Cup Champions-Winnipeg Blue Bombers will bring their 5-1 record to Commonwealth Stadium. I wish you all the very best in your CFL debut. Just look for number 82 all night long ! :star_struck: :hash: :one: :canada: :football:

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#82 & a heavy dose of divine intervention... maybe.

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Please, please , please let there be a quarterback controversy by the end of the game for the Elks.
I appreciate Harris but he just doesn't seem to have IT. He's proficient, his numbers are good but.....there's just something missing, especially at the bench.

easy peasy

…you know how to use the edit button yes?

Drive's still going, right?

Nice catch there…

yes! :grin:

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Hey - a convert!

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But maybe you shouldn't be editing my posts?

…I thought it was a pretty creative way to answer your question, guess you don’t see it that way

…anyways, what’s with the fighting stuff before the game, who instigated that?

Didn't look good for Moncrief
Bombers got lucky there

Lemon squeezy

Did Suitor just say that Buck Pierce only has one ball?

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Someone needs to teach some Elks how to tackle.

Or run, catch, throw?

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It is wierd to see such a tall QB in CFL

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Yikes. This is too easy for the Bombers.

Getting greedy....should've just kept feeding Harris/Demski