2021-09-18 Game Tracker - BC Lions vs. Montreal Alouettes (6160)

BC Lions

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This game is gonna be a fun one :+1:

Shouldn’t be a snoozer....and a few touchdowns in this matchup.

yup most dynamic QB in the cfl for Montreal and the fastest team in BC in the CFL imo.

Yes, let’s hope for a very entertaining game.

Only 42 more minutes till the entertainment starts… just enough time to paint the face. Go Lions Go

Let's hope so cause the Calgary - Hamilton game was awful and the Argos/Riders game was barely better unless you like turnovers.

Brutal tackling and sloppy play.

Players warming up
Looks like a Beautiful evening for the game
Looking forward to a doozy of a game as these teams match up well
Will the absence of Khari be the difference?

I hope Coach Jones gets some rest and sleeps most the game.

Grover are tu at the game?

Bombers should have kept Lucky.....really could have used him this year

What were the als doing there? Nice play BC

This could be a loonnngggg night for we Als fans

BC made it look easy, but als could answer back

Unforunately no
Very impressive drive by BC

Is Alford the best returner so far?

Stanback with impressive back to back runs

atta boy vaj

Lee with the pick in the endzone to end an otherwise impressive drive.