2021-09-17 Game Tracker - Toronto Argonauts vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (6159)

Toronto Argonauts

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Some stuff from the game notes:

Saskatchewan leads the all-time series 53-41-1, including a 27-20 edge in Regina.

In 2019, Saskatchewan swept the Toronto 2-0, winning big both times (73-23 combined scores).

On the plus side for the Argos, they're 2-1 vs West teams this year.

Fajardo has a 2-0 career record vs Toronto. Arbuckle has a 1-0 career record vs Saskatchewan. Someone's "0" has got to go.

Could tie?

Heh, could be. Or either starter might get hurt/pulled and the backup ends up with the official L.

Don't even joke about this
throws salt over shoulder

Impressive first drive

Fajardo looks good. The drops are the only thing stopping him.
Glad he's able to play this week. :smiley:

Lots of dropped passes now

Lauther now has the jinkies….like the others were….

Yah I don’t know what happened to him. Guy has been basically automatic for so long

Gonna be funny when Toronto scores a TD after that phantom call.

Perhaps fixing the officiating should be the league's number one priority.

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It’s so frustrating to watch the officiating. So many penalties that don’t impact the play or are a mile away from the play. I mean the guy runs by and he barely touches him. What the hell

By one guy twice in a row. He won’t see it much from now on.

The first one to Lenius was a good play by the DB, no fault there. 2nd one should have been caught, though.

Powell…wow, what a beast!

Maybe the 2 drops were part of the plan😷… no one was watching Lenius

Oh come on stupid penalty again

From getting good field position to possible TD now on another borderline penalty again. This game should not be even close.

Okay piling on? Really.