2021-09-17 Game Tracker - Calgary Stampeders vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (6158)

Calgary Stampeders

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The Hamilton Tiger Cats are in a difficult situation in Week 7. With David Watford the starting quarterback making his first career start in three years. The Cats O-Line will be under fire all night, if they do not protect the 3rd string quarterback, this could be a blowout must win for the improving Calgary Stamps team. :worried: :fire: :hash: :three: :canada: :football:

Yeah my calgary hunted and killed your elks. Whats wrong? Cant find any pictures

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You ti cat fans knew this day was coming now take it

Always good to see a graceful winner. :+1:

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Here are 2 photos for the price of one-from my Archives File.David Watford

Trash talking from a 2-4 team? First you have to be THIS tall.

Yeah, Ambles was great. Caught 5 passes of the 17 directed his way. Maybe that's Bo's passes. He gift wrapped 3 INT's to the Elk DB's. They can't catch either.

Some interesting tidbits from the game notes:

BLM is 12-0 vs Hamilton.

Dickenson is 7-1 as a coach vs Hamilton.

Calgary holds the edge in all-time matches 66-31, including a 27-22 edge in games played in Hamilton.

Yet despite all these indicators in Calgary's favour, I'm still picking Hamilton tonight.

In 2019, the two teams went 1-1, with the home team winning each game.


Lmao just dumb pictures awwww dont be butt hurt now old man

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Look at u guys now. Like i said befor stamps are gonna have there way with sask in oct kiss kiss kiss

Yeah in 2019 Calgary was a rebuilding team and gave the so call super team a tough time. Bring it...bring it

OMG that's funny. Calgary is trying to win by turning the ball over tonight?

...and follow that up with classic undisciplined play. Wonder how much that will cost Rose? Should have been category 2 Roughness.

Maybe the two teams will start really playing in the 2nd half.


That was just called the "worst half of football so far this year" unanimously by the panel. Hamilton with a rookie QB was expected. Calgary, just hasn't showed up, again.

I guess this game doesn’t prove the argument of the CFL being a more exciting

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At least I can watch the paint dry during halftime.

I thought a Calgary receiver was offside on that big pass play...

Heh, I think that thread jinxed it.

Second half is looking a bit better early.

Thank god.