2021-09-11 Game Tracker - Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (6155)


Just wanted to address you calling our coach dirty and 'teaching' players to rip off masks. Because that is absolute hogwash. O'Shea was never know as a dirty player and as a coach he has kept his integrity in tact. Here's a quote proving you wrong:

"When you grab the opposition it’s just asking for another flareup… I try and get my guys to grab their own guy and take him with them, but it doesn’t always work"

A heated moment and Players make bad decisions like say throwing punches for example. No one is 'teaching' dirty play especially not O'Shea.

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It's an apt description. Rider fans will always find an excuse, blaming the refs is always an easy out when you get beat down.

Bad luck for sask, 2 big losses will really shake confidence, losing 2 big players (Edem/Fajardo), 2 many players penalty (again), 2 post tosses. I see a big slide in the standings coming.
Maybe time to clean out Dickenson.

They are just plain beat up. For tonight's tilt with the Double Blue they are missing:

Larry Dean, Mike Edam, Ed Gainy, Shaq Evans, and AC Leonard, who like yelling at the drug testing people.

Funny how that works. Must be insecurity and inferiority all mixed together. (See also huge lifted pickups with massive mud tires, which may be compensating for something.)

I'm am Elks fan and I can stand up and truly say they have been awful so far this year. Flat out awful. I fully expect to get slaughtered tomorrow by the Bombers.

Do you mean Dickenson's😄

And yet is was the Bomber players who got fined for instigating the brouhaha. Hmmmmm.

Not exactly what it says

Seems to be exactly what it says


No Rider was fined for "instigating", only Bombers. That tells me that video had to have shown the Bomber player starting it.

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