2021-09-11 Game Tracker - Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (6155)

Saskatchewan Roughriders

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I have a feeling this one won't be close. The Riders Defense, which kept them in it, is without two starters at DB and without AC Leonard on the line. Good news is Micah Johnson is back.

Bombers by three scores

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Home town crowd to pump up the Dline....even if fully healthy Riders would have a problem. One big loss for you guys, one big guy coming back.

Only b/c he is dehydrated

What's with you and obsession with AC Leonard's pee?

Guys gun shy. Cut him some slack..

I'm concerned for his health, if a person can't pee pee, They need medical assistance.

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Unfortunately the only TSN station that I currently get is TSN5 (since I moved to Atlantic Canada), and they are showing NASCAR all day. I will have to follow the game through the forum and gametracker....

You should be able to watch the games online.

TSN charges a subscription fee if you try to access the game through the internet.

You can access the game through CJOB Winnipeg and listen to the Game for free.

But if you have TSN on your cable provider, I think you can somehow use that to access TSN Direct too.

Yes. I read that I can do that here in Winnipeg because I have TSN as part of my MTS package. RougeGod needs to create an account with TSN online and follow the prompts. If it leads to credit card required screen then he'll have to pay I guess. He can also call his Cable subscriber and see if there's anything they can do.

Oh, by the way there's also an app to access the game on your phone (subscription still needed) but the comments suggest that there's a LOT of lag. Two minutes of lag in some cases.

Yeah. Those rider cast offs are looking pretty good in bomber uniforms , and Ritchie hall. ?

Yeah, when I watch on my computer, it's a good idea not to follow too closely on the gameday threads as I might read what's about to happen before I can see it myself. :worried:

The lag makes it challenging all right.

Speaking of challenging... Riders just got a 'too many men on the field penalty'. That's the ONE penalty for Saskatchewan fans that touches SO MANY nerves. :smiley:

We will Never get over that :tired_face:

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I know. It's funny how 'La Police' pops into my head first. For me he's the face of all that misery. Kinda how he looks NOW during post game interviews. :grimacing:

Quite a pick from Bighill. I didn't expect that from him.

Me neither. But you should see him flip those truck tires while training. He's a beast this year. That's why he and Sol were such a force in BC. :laughing:


We have a pier six brawl going on right now.