2021-09-11 Game Tracker - Ottawa Redblacks vs. BC Lions (6157)

12,500 is the limit.

Yes that limit is half of the bottom bowl.

Under the current rules the Canucks capacity would be capped at 9500,but if neither team had a cap my guess would be the Canucks would be the bigger draw. The Lions are currently out drawing the Whitecaps right now so I think with the new ownership they will get back to 25K +

Yes, unless the regulations change Rogers arena is just under 9500 so it will be interesting to see how this plays out since I’m sure they have more then 9500 season ticket holders. I agree, I think with the new ownership we will see some good stuff moving forward. Hopefully they can keep the momentum going next week in Montreal and that should really create some interest out here the following week. Wonder if part of the upper level could be open if necessary?

Possibly second.

Doubt they would open the upper deck as that would require staffing they don't have. BC Place can't even open all the concessions right now as they don't have the staff.

My thinking is a little outside of the box. You wouldn’t need staff or concessions on the upper level. My thinking assuming this fits into the government’s mandate is as follows. Just to keep the mathematics simple let’s say each level holds 25,000. With the bottom level capped at 12,500 currently if they were to open 1/2 of the top level that would give them an extra roughly 6,000 allowed to attend the games. Now sell those extra 6,000 seats on the lower level giving them a rough 18,000 per game allowed. The question is: what’s the medical authority take on that one? Obviously the spacing issue takes a bit of a beating.

Not sure that is following the spirit of the half capacity. If you are not selling the seats nor having the staff you are not opening it up.

Yea I know and I would expect that it would be turned down in the first place but it’s a thought! If it did go through I think I would be the most shocked. LOL!

Well, I would not rule that out, for sure. Saskatchewan is in tough I think. Hope not, but, they actually almost lost to BC in the opener I believe, so, close match when they play.