2021-09-11 Game Tracker - Ottawa Redblacks vs. BC Lions (6157)

Ottawa Redblacks

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Go Lions Go - it’s a salute to healthcare workers let’s fill the stands to show support for the healthcare workers and the lions.

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Just bumping this one up the queue.

Not sure if I'll make it till the fourth quarter.

Cheering for the Redblacks, but a BC victory will make me 4-0 in the GCC this week.

Wow what a light show at BC place after the BC TD ,

That looked bad, the way he landed on his head/neck.

Down 14 zip early .

Antoine Pruneau always looks awkward when he runs .

Such a choppy style .

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Not looking good for the RBs.

I still want to have a look at Davis at QB for a few drives anyways.

TD Ottawa . That drive actually looked good .

Lol, I just came to post my appreciation of the QB run call. Hadn't seen the TD yet.

But now I have. Nice drive for Ottawa.

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I'd like to see Ottawa win but if BC takes it I get to break even with my GCC picks.

Just wanna see a good game (if I don't fall asleep on the couch first). :expressionless:

This is getting ugly real fast


At least the home fans there at BC Place have something to cheer about.

32 very happy fans.


QB Don Jonas always cracked me up when he ran. He and Captain Kirk had the same running style. But Jonas was a lot FASTER than he looked. He had some kind of 'sneaky speed' that caught many of us watching off guard. He was so quick that sometimes he subbed in as DB (not a good one but he DID play the position). :laughing:

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That many? Wow. They must've run a two for one promotion.

At this rate they may have to open the upper deck in a couple hundred years.

Not sure about other teams but BC has a crowd limit still… a little something called COVID i believe.

Good job Lions and let’s look forward to Montreal.

Poor Ottawa. But, looks like BC is on track for being 3rd in the West.

Was the limit 12,552? Because that was their attendance.
If the limit was more than that, then COVID had no effect on attendance.

Even if there were no limits, there are people that will not attend games during covid. The same people will likely never go back to games even when it's over.

You wanna bet the Canucks will have better attendance than 12,000? And that's in a smaller enclosed arena (as opposed to the larger enclosed space of BC Place).