2021-09-11 Game Tracker - Calgary Stampeders vs. Edmonton Elks (6156)

Have to get after the elk qb there no doubt about that force the turn over. Ĺ

Commonwealth can hold up to 50k+

Finsh the game with some swag. Just want my stampeders needed. Feels like 2008 now were gonna go on a win streak to win the GC

What i said earlier get after the qb and force the turn over and that was the game changer

I hear it's Bo season on Elks in Alberta!

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I'm sure it was a capacity crowd. Not all of them were in their seats. You'd be surprised how many fans get up to just walk around at IG Field. I'll walk from one end of the stadium to the other and sometimes watch from a rail or table. There's more and more standing room these days. :smiley:

Sewell is a wise man. Stampeders have their swag back.

The Calgary Stampeders gave us a demonstration of how the game should be played for sixty minutes yesterday evening with the fifty yard touchdown pass to Kamar Jordan with less than twenty seconds to play.

That's football. Just keep playing the game to the final gun because paying customers pay for sixty minutes of football and not a half a minute less.


Edmonton football club looks like the team I’m used to seeing and Harris is absolutely brutal and last week was a mirage

…really odd, the two versions of the elk, night and day…