2021-09-10 Game Tracker - Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Toronto Argonauts (6154)

More truth to that statement now.

That's why they moved the PAT back a few years back. It's not such a gimme anymore.

Boy, the off field official has made some good calls today. Really like how they are getting the spot right and more without affecting the game or the pace of the game.

I think by my count there were about four times the spot changed tonight, and all of them were right on.


They called a fantastic game tonight. We give them hell a lot but we don't mention them much when they do a stellar job.

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I think that challenge after the next play was BS

I am becoming a bigger and bigger supporter of off field/ice/whatever officials. I watch a lot of NRL Rugby and their off field is excellent. Even at the pace of their game they catch almost everything.
If we upgrade what they can do to anything directly affecting the play of the ball the game would have better flow and less delay for replays.

They've been much better this year than previously but still make some insane calls.

Wow. It was nice at BMO last night. We got lucky. I'll take it. Argos are 3-2. I really, really like how BMO North end only is standing area like they did at TD Place in Ottawa. It adds a lot. I can't believe we won on a missed extra point, but, we had the running game to pound down field and get at least field goal I think anyway if we would have stuck with it and had to use in OT. Good game though.

You can't throw a challenge flag once the ball has been snapped, it was Orlando's responsibility to make sure the officials saw his flag. He knows that.

Personally I don't think they should be allowed to throw their little yellow flag once the slow-mo replays have been shown. I'm fed up with players laying on the turf with fake injuries and all the different stunts they pull to use TV broadcast or the fact a commercial break affects the play. It slows the game down. If it is glaring enough to challenge you should not need a microscope and frame by frame replays. (a frame is 500 milliseconds...)

IMO. Any review flag should have to be thrown before the ball is spotted. Once the ball is spotted that's it. The idea was to prevent glaring missed calls, it has become non calls and photo finish. Was never intended to be that.

That was a second bonehead throw on his backfoot by Arbuckle. He needs to fix that. Without that missed extra point he would have thrown the game.

"A kicker, a kicker, my kingdom for a kicker."

-Wm Shakespeare, BMO Field 2021

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As much as we are graced with an awesome number of great young QB's coming into their own. I think this may be the weakest group of kickers I remember in the CFL.

What slo-mo replays do you mean?

Personally I don't care....I want the right call

500 milliseconds is 1/2 second! 1 frame is 1/120 second :stuck_out_tongue:

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Terrible crowd at yesterday's game. Less than 10k that's a joke considering its a rivalry game. Crowds will be even less once MLSE implements the vaccination rules next week for their facilities. So sad to see so much empty seats.

They need to get rid of that receiver Brissette, the ball was in his arms in the end zone and he gifts it to the Ticat player, he also dropped a couple of others.

*Correction rule goes in affect Sep 22nd

Excellent retort

True. He needs to develop in that area. Probably a tough thing to implement, but I would say it would be great to see 2 out of 3 plays called be running to take pressure off. But I am sure he will be fine.

Thanks... Ouch.... yes so they are using TSN and replays frozen every 1/120th of a second to make calls and then they throw their flag. I'm glad most of these challenges are failing. Your starting to see HC be a lot more judicial about throwing these things.

He just needs to keep in mind that "eating the ball" sometimes is the best play, in this case the only thing he couldn't do is what he chose to do. Force a pass blind with three linesman on top of him.

I like his enthusiasm and I like that he does not let a bad play take him down. To the extent I think it might be driving Dinwiddie a little nuts :slight_smile:

I think it is fantastic to see Maier, Arbuckle, Evans, Adams, Fajardo put some solid games together.

No they are throwing the flag then doing that to check themselves