2021-09-10 Game Tracker - Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Toronto Argonauts (6154)

True. I was thinking more of Evans throwing right through the hands of the Argos DB as the almost INT.

Nice pressure by the Argo D. The offense had better put more points on the board, though.

How was that PI?


"I wasn't convince the interference took him down"

What the hell is that? Clear as day he grabbed him and pulled him down.

Argo player fell.

Zero contact


All good with the sham that is Bradbury

On the replay, it sure looked weak to me.

It was weak but it was there and how do you overturn it?

Evans is going to be the next Mike Reilly

That was intense running.

As an Argos fan, I'm getting nervous.

Yeah, it probably wasn't clear enough to overturn, but I don't know that it should've been flagged in the first place.

This game ain't over But Evans has clearly had enough with Condell LOL gonna do it is own way.

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Not sure why Dinwiddie is abandoning his ball control offense at this point?

I didn't mind the long bomb call, though it didn't work.

But yeah I think they should go back to a ball control scheme now that hopefully the D will be on their heels a bit more.

I don't like Evans demeanor, this dosen't look good at all.

No, geez. The game's much more fun to watch if he's in there playing at his best.

Watford not even close on his throws. Ham in big trouble now.

Yeah, really tough break for Hamilton. But their defence keeps stopping Arbuckle, so they're still in it.

What a stupid decision by Arbuckle.

Hamilton still has a shot after that INT. And almost get the big play at the goal line

And that is why I love the CFL. It ain’t over until it is over.