2021-09-10 Game Tracker - Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Toronto Argonauts (6154)

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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The number one question for this Week 6 match-up is, who will be under center for the Toronto Argonauts hosting the Hamilton Tiger Cats ? The boatmen must do a better job of run & pass blocking, otherwise the Cats will maul the Argos for this important rematch ! :thinking: :lion:


It's not the Number one question since the Argos have already stated that Arbuckle will start Friday night.


Arrrrgoooos arrrrrreee gonna win with Arrrrrbuckle tonight. :football:

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Hmm. Home at Home second game. Short week. No Brandon Banks. I like our chances.

But Banks wasn't a factor at all on Labour Day. The other receivers stepped up and the return specialist now is Williams

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Actually. His route running was a distraction until he got hit hard in end zone that one play. But. Yes. They have some other great threats.

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Nice to see a good atmosphere in Toronto this game. You've got a decent team, Toronto. Show up and support them

It's not bad, relatively speaking. The Argos attendance would be in better shape if they could play teams within 100km every game.

Nice to see the offenses clicking a bit better in this game.

Or the Riders. I'm a bit surprised the one and only game against the Riders is in Regina this year..

IIRC, the Riders aren't that big of a draw in Toronto. Better than other West teams, but not better than the other East teams.

Hoo, that was close.

Sucks that the challenge delayed the flow of play like that.

Too bad for these interceptions... These two young QB's are going to be around a long time.

There a couple other almost INTs.

Anyone else feel Arbuckle's delivery is precariously slow?

His interception was on Gittens Jr. and if that wasn't enough he gave up on the play looking for a penalty and the play was still live.

Dinwiddie doing a great job keeping the Ticats offense on the sideline.