2021-09-06 Game Tracker - Toronto Argonauts vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (6152)

Toronto Argonauts

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Just hanging around 'til game time. You know.

Bede with the FG. 3-3

Looks like a snoozer.
Not a great way to prime up Canada for the Grand Daddy of them all- The main event of the Labour Day Weekend: The battle of Alberta- at footballs Temple- Historic McMahon Stadium

Banks drops a sure TD and got the wind knocked out of him

At least he got up so should be fine

Decent tight game I thought. The double blue is at least in it at halftime. Lets see how good their adjustments are for the second half.

Come on over to the Ticat board

The TSN camera work looks good , The new field looks good , the fans enjoying the game I don't see many wearing masks when seated , Cats came to life in the second half and Rods calling the game with just a few NFL references .

Not the most thrilling game but not bad .

I believe that the CFL needs to take a closer look at how these games are being presented to their audience. I'm tired of having the game coming in 2nd place to interviews or having importantly penalties not being followed - and suddenly you as the viewer are left wondering how did that team end up there? Really TSN is not providing top grade coverage - which makes the CFL look a little less important too. I am a strong CFL supporter - this is why i feel it is important for this league not to accept 2nd best and to insist on the bets coverage. Just sayin!


TSN seems obsessed with doing these in game interviews. And we saw the Olympic guy the other day out west. Only redeeming factor was he sported a home team jersey. And they did interrupt a couple of times to show the game, even though they talked over the officials.

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