2021-09-06 Game Tracker - Edmonton Elks vs. Calgary Stampeders (6153)

MEH, if we can handle the Bombers D- Line nothing Thorpe has scares me.

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I just noticed Scevior is out, does anyone know the issue? Hopefully this weeks dline combo will breakthrough

So which one is the best?

Define best, best can mean a lot of things, best event year over year, best match up based on the standings any given year, most exciting game of the weekend

So then you're saying that none are better than another?

I said its subjective. However, if you look at the last 30 or so years, the Cal/Edm game has featured 2 of the top western teams many times,,, and based on that logic for this particular year, the Sask/Win game was the best, but in the larger picture, its Cal/Edm. At least of this generation.

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I cant wait for our time in October. Im gonna make your roughriders my girlfriend kiss kiss kiss

What, the battle of the basement?

Calgary fans are so funny. I'm and Elks fan and have no delusions about how bad we have been so far.

Ordinarily it would be silly to call it the 'Lennoxville & District Women's Centre'. But this is Calgary and you're replying to Mrstallion.

So 'LDWC' would be just fine. :smiley:

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Might as well get the ref a lawn chair and a box of doughnuts. This is the second game I have watched that he called and so far FOUR video ref calls or calls overturned.

Maybe just send him to catch the rabbit.....

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Oops, the rabbit just died. Does this mean the refs pregnant now?

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ROFL. I think it just looks that way.

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Edwards just continuing what he did in collage. In 40 career games at Maine, Edwards accumulated 125 receptions, 2370 receiving yards, and 23 receiving touchdowns.

Soon there'll be the pitter patter of little refs making calls that will be overturned. :smiley:

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...or turnovers... :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes they overturn the turnovers.

That's the problem with kicking from your own end zone. Coffin corner and you get pinned deep again. Back where mistakes have so much worse consequences.

OOOO... Stamps secondary getting shredded...

BTW wheres Mr Stallion?

Mr Stallion had to run around the stadium after that last Calgary Touchdown.

OH NO... Bradbury pulled a hammie?

Should have taken the lawn chair.....